Best Lisbon nightlife guide in 2021

How & where is Lisbon nightlife ?

Is Lisbon nightlife good ? It is clear that there is no shortage of bars and nightclubs in Lisbon. Usually, we start the party in Lisbon with some nice rooftops where it is good to stay during the sunset. Here is a post dedicated to the real party in Lisbon tonight. The one that starts at the bar and ends at sunrise. The parties in Lisbon are as bright as the light. So it is in Lisbon that you should spend your stag & hen do party.

On this topic, we will look at the following points to spend the best nightlife in Lisbon :

  1. To begin, we will describe the nightlife in Lisbon, by district.
  2. However, are you looking for something more specific ? We continue with the Lisbon parties, by theme.
  3. Next, it's making love the party at Lisbon's beach.
  4. Finally, the best bar in Lisbon to watch sport events. Perfect for warming up beforehand !

Itinerary by Lisbon going out area : starting with Principe Real

Without a doubt the most chic district of Lisbon. The gay community has made it its home. Lush gardens, beautiful bourgeois homes. And many upscale bars and restaurants that attract the golden Portuguese youth and Amoreiras business people. It's the perfect neighbourhood to start the party evening in Lisbon.

Bairro Alto, the party district in Lisbon

At night, the areas that have been famous for ages are excellent. I am of course talking about the nightlife district where all the pub crawls in Lisbon take place : the Bairro Alto. Bars are lined up in these squared streets. The sounds mingle in a pleasant disorder. People zigzag and bump into each other, but without being nasty. Between the streets "do Norte" and "da Rosa", it is every evening that tourists and Portuguese meet up for a Super Bock.

Also to tick on your party list : Maria Caxuxa, ZDB, Sentido proibido 2, Erasmus Corner for cheap beers, etc… Going out alone or willing to meet people ? Click here for the ultimate pub crawl in Bairro Alto !

This post is for the Lisbon nightlife. Discover also our other posts which will be useful to you to prepare your parties :

To organise a tailor-made event, we are your guys ! Our imagination has no limits :

  1. Early party on a private rooftop terrace.
  2. A day on a secluded beach with caipirinhas and beach volleyball.
  3. A street art workshop with an artist.
  4. A boat party on the Tagus with a catamaran.
  5. A private tour that combines culture and fun, etc…

And we are also very well informed about nightlife events in Lisbon. In short, trust us to pamper you ! Discover our Hen & stag do ideas and activities in Lisbon.

Cais do Sodre, with the nightlife pink street

If the Bairro Alto is the most famous district for partying, Cais do Sodre with the Pink Street is also a nighlife neighborhood ! There, every bar has its touch. It's up to you to try them without hurrying and you will spend a very cool evening in Lisbon. Pensao do Amor, Bar Gelato, Tabacaria are bars where I recommend you to stop. For the quality of the music, the cocktails, the friendliness of the staff, the atmosphere... You will travel !

Chiado, it's very chic

It is the bourgeois district at its best, with its beautiful shops and buildings. It is therefore not famous for the nightlife even though it sticks to the Bairro Alto. Nevertheless, there are a few well-known and well frequented places, if you are looking bars near Rossio square.

Intendente for underground nighlife

It was the most feared area of the city with its drug and prostitution issues. However, a new wind has been blowing since 2012 and initiatives have been taken to transform this shameless district into a new nightlife stronghold. Among the pioneers is Casa Independente, which is both a place of artists and a stronghold of Lisbon nightlife. Three years ago, this bar would have been classified as an alternative. This is no longer the case today, so expect to queue before entering. By the way, did you know that ? Intendente is the most alternative district in Lisbon.

Other party districts : Santos (étudiants), Bica, Marques de Pombal, Alvalade…

What is the price of alcohol in Lisbon ? The advantage of Lisbon is that it is one of the cheapest cities in Europe. A reliable index ? The local beerThe imperial when it is 20 cl costs €1. A pint, the caneca, costs 2.50 €/ 3 €. Deliveries in the Bairro Alto district are made per tanker ! If you would like to know more about the craft beers of Lisbon, we have made a big effort to find them all. Note that prices in clubs are almost equivalent to those in other capitals.

Parties in Lisbon, according to taste and mood

How can one imagine parties in Lisbon without ending up in one of the best clubs in Portugal, or even in the world ? Bars in Lisbon close « early » at 4 o’clock, so very often people are queuing up at that time for nightclubs. The best known, the Lux Fragil has a very good reputation. In Lisbon, it’s a bit of an ambassador for the world of electronic nightlife, so it’s a must. Otherwise, you haven’t had a night out in Lisbon. If you also go there, it is to wait for the sunrise on the terrace. Icing on the cake, the burger shop is waiting for you at the exit. Lisbon’s other famous techno club is Ministerium, but it is only open for events, which you can check here.

For those who prefer the underground atmosphere, head to the Marvila district to sample the good electro sound of Nada Temple. Fantastic DJs, bar prices and partying until noon.

Finally, electro lovers will also be delighted to learn that there is a warehouse in the east of Lisbon (10 min by taxi) where a collective organizes big parties. It’s called ELA | east lisbon and to find out the location, sign up with their Facebook group 😉.

Mainstream nighlife clubs are located on the quays from Santos to Alcantara. The clubs are called, among others, Lust in Rio, K Urban Beach, Mome. Here you can listen to commercial music in a summer atmosphere. Imagine: swimming pool, dance floor by the water, luxurious atmosphere. It’s sexy, it sways and it shines. If you wish to privatize a space for your group, contact us !


Several bars in Lisbon organise jazz evenings during the weekdays. Among them, I am thinking in particular of the club Le Baron for its Wednesday evenings. But if you want a place that breathes jazz, head to Praça da Alegria (near Avenida da Liberdade) and knock on the door of Hot Club Portugal (HCP), the country’s oldest jazz club (founded in 1948).

Unfortunately, salsa is a dance that is not widely practised in Lisbon. You will find more establishments where you can dance to the sounds of samba, kizomba, forró or reggaeton. However, there are some places that are likely to play salsa, such as Bar Aché Cohiba (Bairro Alto), Barrio Latino or the Bolero (Docks).

During the weekdays, you can find jam sessions on Wednesdays at Núcleo A70, intimate concerts at Tabernáculo by Hernâni Miguel or at the Tejo Bar in Alfama (Madonna’s favourite bar). I won’t forget the very nice Pharmácia Musical between Intendente and Graça. In a party mood ? Bartô has a good agenda. But my favourite place to listen to live music is without a doubt the Titanic sur Mer. Open every day until late, this establishment is very party-like. You can also watch the music line-up of the TodoMundo restaurant, which promotes Lusophone culture around the world.

Only one place : B.Leza Clube. For more than 20 years, this establishment has been promoting African culture and music. So we might as well tell you that it is an institution.

Party on the beaches of Lisbon

Good weather is not uncommon in Lisbon, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons why the Portuguese capital is so attractive.

The beautiful beaches are just a few dozen minutes away from the city centre, either by train or car. A sunset over the ocean is a ritual shared by the common people. But expect traffic jams when you return to the city. The alternative is to party on the beach in one of the many beach bars along the coast.

Princesa, Praia Irmão, Posto 9 are the most popular. Our favourite? Without a doubt Yamba, which has made a name for itself in the space of a summer. Their evenings are for big party people !

If you want to know our favourite beaches, we advise you to have a look at our special post « Lisbon beaches » !

The best sport bar in Lisbon : Spot Lisboa

Key question : where can you watch a football (soccer) match in Lisbon ?

You’ve arrived in Lisbon and there’s a problem with the planning, tonight there’s :

  1. Premier and Champions league tonight event !
  2. Ireland, Scotland or England plays for the Six Nations Championship.

Very close to the Commerce square, SPOT LISBOA is the perfect bar to put you in the right mood. 8 screens, one of which is 94′, with just about every channel for any type of sport event. Moreover, the manager Stéphane is at your service to find the TV channel broadcasting you want.


Other sports bars broadcast football & rugby matches but especially the Premier league :

  1. O’Gillins
  2. Hennessy’s
  3. The Couch Sports bar
Spot Lisboa, the best bar in Lisbon to watch a football match of the league 1 or champions league, rugby top 14, 6 nations

Everything is there to make you have a crazy night. Now if you want to book a private tour with me the next day… You’ll have to avoid ending up on one’s knees because I’m not going to spare you !

We’re also experts at large Hen/stag party that needs to be memorable. Let us know !

Enjoy Lisbon to the fullest,

The VisitmyLisbon team.

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