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Since its creation in 2015, VisitmyLisbon has enjoyed remarkable success. Originally, it was a crazy bet to come to Lisbon by bike and learn Portuguese !

My name is Elliot and I am the founder of the Monlisbonne.com website. I was born in the Alps at the foothill of Mont Blanc. In 2013, after a few years in finance, I felt like changing my mind. On my bike, I made a stop in Lisbon to listen to this new language. My goal is Brazil. But I like to improvise… Seduced by Lisbon, I decide to stay there.

After a rapid progression in my activity, my Erasmus friend Sylvain joins me in 2017 to support me. This energetic man from the Vendée county has left the Amsterdam routine to embrace with enthusiasm the Lisbon way of life.

With a dozen of professional guides, we are a team of guides driven by the same passion : LISBON.

Elliot, private guide who founded Visitmylisbon.com is the best Lisbon tips blog site

All our guides speak perfect English but can also provide a guided tour in French, German, Italian, Portuguese of course and Spanish. I don’t forget :

  1. Bia who entertains kids with Lisbon.
  2. Sylvain.P for the Lisbon wine tasting.

Today, here I am with a team that guarantees a quality of service recognised by its travellers. It’s a dynamic team that has the concern to put forward beautiful stories without putting history aside. We owe them everything! They are the ones who generated the enthusiasm that today drives us and fascinates us!

Driven by the same desire to perfect its knowledge, the team is united. We are young and take to heart to continue learning.

Passionate & dynamic

Discover the guides of VisitmyLisbon :


Anna is Franco-Russian, but like all of us Portuguese by adoption. She is the incarnation of jovial fellow. Highly specialised, she is never satiated by history, herbalism, good red wine and a sharp sense of humour. Her company is a pleasure that we wish to make last. This is what Cyril thinks :
« Anna, our guide, was very energetic and generous in her explanations, which exceeded all our expectations. As we walked through the city in great strides, we received all the necessary historical, geographical, cultural, linguistic and tourist information. We highly recommend booking for your first day in Lisbon, as you will come away from the tour with several tips for the rest of your stay. Many thanks to Anna, whose speech was dense, but always pleasant and varied. »
Anna, private local guide in Lisbon, Portugal


Doctor Antoine gave up university teaching in France for his love of Lisbon, and of fado in particular. The music and atmosphere of the city are his lifeblood. He will talk to you about Lisbon with great passion and analysis. Expect a top-class tour. Stéphanie is delighted :

« »A great private tour with Antoine, who is an amazing guide! He covered perfectly all our points of interest and was able to take us through the history of the city. We saw places we wouldn’t have known about without him. Thanks to him we also knew more about local life in Lisbon. We can’t recommend him highly enough!»


Bia is the Brazilian member of the team! Her speeches seduce you and take you for a walk through the streets of Lisbon to the rhythm of historical and contemporary stories.

She takes pleasure in questioning them ! This must be her side claiming truths and not legends… Her empathy will transport you as she did with Raphaële :

« We thank Bia who made us discover places we would never have seen without her. She was very attentive and offered us a coffee and an absolutely delicious pastel. Then we wandered through the streets with really interesting explanations. In short, these tours are ABSOLUTELY to be recommended.» .


For my part, I wish only one thing : the total satisfaction of my team and the people who trust us. That’s why we work hard !

If the team is made up of different strong elements, our requirement is the same: high ! The objective being to offer you a guided tour of rare quality with the memories that we can give you, be guaranteed that you will be served.

I really appreciated what Jean Charles thought of what I am trying to implement :

« All Elliot’s information is accurate. The places, the restaurants, the advice, I say it all. Bravo Elliot and thank you » 

Elliot, private local guide in Lisbon, Portugal


Jaime is the Spanish member of the team. He is a great talent, we secretly want to follow one of his tour 🙂 Jaime is also the team’s poet. Lisbon is a romantic city, perfect for storytellers like Jaime. A 5-star guide.

Jaime’s talents as a guide made Jérôme’s stay perfect : « We had a superb tour of Lisbon with Jaime. He shared his love of the city with us and was extremely kind. He took the time to answer our many questions. We learned an enormous amount about Lisbon (history, culture, daily life, tips, traditional restaurants, etc.). This enabled us to make the right choices for the rest of our stay. We highly recommend these guided tours ».

Jaime is the poet guide of lisbon and expert in jewish history heritage


Miguel, father of twins, is not stingy in sympathy. It is worthy of the knowledge he acquired in Coimbra, the cradle of Iberian universities. A great reader of classics in the evenings, he knows how to seduce his public, as Eric confirms:
« Our tour with Miguel went well. The experience was very interesting and informative.  We had a good time, Miguel is a very nice boy.« 
Miguel, private local guide in Lisbon, Portugal


We have fun calling him Dom Pedro because he is the noblest among us !

He shares his time and his love without counting the cost. His thunderous laughter often resounds between the 7 hills that he runs at a lively pace :

« A very good knowledge of his country and its history and an excellent fluency in the English language. When you add the sense of humour and the quality of the contact, you will understand that all the ingredients were there to make this tour an enjoyable and exciting experience. »

Pedro, private local guide in Lisbon, Portugal


Rossana, as her name suggests, is Italian. Flower in the hair, generous by nature and smiling, she is ready to be captivating. Official guide al dente (and graduate) her accent is full of joie de vivre and curiosity. Carine is conquered :
 “We had a great time with our guide Rossana. A nice walk to discover Lisbon off the beaten track. Even our teenagers enjoyed it !”
Rossana, private local guide in Lisbon, Portugal


Sylvain landed in 2017. Traveller and epicurean, he devours a book of history as quickly as a good meal.

Urgently repatriated from Holland, where routine was winning him over, several readings and a real passion trained him in the winding streets of Lisbon, his beloved new home. This is what Jérôme and Nathalie think :

« Sylvain is an outstanding guide, integrated into the neighbourhoods and offers us an immersion for a few hours… stories, good tips, humour and good words : he is certainly a human and generous guide. Mouraria and Alfama : historic districts of Lisbon were explored with enthusiasm and delight : and a little off the usual tourist beaten track… so much the better ! Obrigado Sylvain »

Sylvain, French speaking guide in Lisbon, Portugal


If you wander around the heights of Graça, you may come across him in a gardener’s outfit. With a degree in agronomy, Sylvain manages Lisbon’s urban vegetable gardens. But his previous life was devoted to importing European wines to Hong Kong. During his time in Macau, he wrote reviews of Portuguese wines for the local media. So he might as well tell you that he is unfailingly knowledgeable about the country’s grape varieties. Sharp and pedagogical, Sylvain will take you on a journey through the Portuguese vineyards during a tasting of Lisbon wines

« Tasting Lisbon wines with Sylvain was one of the highlights of our stay! As well as discovering new wines, we learned a lot about the geography, history and wine heritage of the Lisbon region. We can highly recommend this activity to all curious wine lovers. »

Sylvain, private guide for the Lisbon wine tasting at visitmylisbon.com

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Let's keep in touch :


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