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Our Lisbon wine and tapas tasting is the most complete in town !

What is Lisbon wine ?

Wine lovers, you are on the right page.

VisitmyLisbon has worked long and hard to introduce the wines of the Lisbon region in an excellent way. This region is outlined in light pink and magenta on the national map opposite.

For us, it is impossible to taste a wine without understanding what is behind it, historically, personally, and at a price that is not fair.

The purpose of this page is to present you the way we built our visit with a tasting around local wines.

It is a tasting of the wines of the Lisbon region. It is totally different from the customised tours we normally offer. This tour is reserved for people over 18 years old, but minors and non-drinkers can of course come with us.

Lisbon wine tour & tasting by

How to best introduce the wines of the Lisbon region ?

To this question, we have answered three topics :

  1. History : the history of the vine and its evolution until today in the country and in the region. The people who helped its development, its national and international recognition are discussed. As the main theme of the visit is not history but oenology, we approach them in the background.
  2. Human : who are the producers, why were they selected from the wines tastint tour in Lisbon ? We bring together their affinities and their vision with the treatment of the soil. The history of their quinta is inseparable and often the result of work over several generations. We will show you some examples of a rare richness and undeniable interest.
  3. Value for money : by offering the best quality/price ratio in the region. We have selected qualitative wines that we feel are representative and unmissable in relation to their reputation.

Content of the private Lisbon wine tour :

From sparkling to sweet, we will go through different whites & reds while criss-crossing Lisbon. This 6-wine tasting is composed of one sparkling, two whites, two reds, and one sweet.

Over 2-3 km, historical anecdotes will mingle with the nectars tasted in a subtle and thoughtful way : 3 renowned wine merchants will offer the wines previously selected for tasting in a friendly setting.

Your guide is an urban farmer, biodynamic consultant and is involved in many wine projects in the Lisbon area.

To keep you on track, you will be given a tasting notebook with 3 parts :

  1. Introduction to the region and the main grape varieties.
  2. Tastings, general and personal notes.
  3. Discovery of the producers and their estates.
    In all objectivity, we seek the completeness of the information disclosed. The entertaining side, DNA of VisitmyLisbon, is of course not put aside.
nice wine tasting in Lisbon

Aimed at everyone, this Lisbon wine & food tour has the support of the producers and wine shops we visit.

As professional friends, they trust us to ensure an optimal presentation of their products.

We are not in the business of touting « THE » best wine tasting in Lisbon.

We strive to offer a well thought-out tasting in its preparation, content and continuity.

We want to offer a memorable & instructive experience, in a friendly atmosphere.

Exchange is the key word.

Your knowledge completes the visit and makes it more enjoyable !

Tasting of Lisbon wines during a guided tour

Exclusive : tasting in wine estate near Lisbon, Portugal

If tasting Lisbon’s wines makes your mouth water, we also suggest that you extend the experience to the doors of the most prestigious Portuguese wine estates. Whether on the south or north bank of Lisbon, we offer you an exquisite programme where you will be received as a guest of choice by the owners.

On the menu: a tasting of 6 wines with generous tapas, a beautiful drive with our guide Sylvain through the unique landscapes of the Lisbon coast. Even children will be entertained !

The excursions are private and are organised according to your tastes and desires of discovery between either the Sintra or Arrabída serra.

From €150 per adult. Contact us directly on whatsapp (bottom right)

Exclusive private tour to a wine estate in the Lisbon area to taste Portuguese wines from Lisbon

To go further with the tasting of Portuguese wines

To go further in your search, both geographically and personally, I recommend our Portuguese national wine tasting.

Wine in Portugal is a classic. From north to south, the terroirs express themselves through fantastic regional products and offer sublime wine/speciality tasting combinations…

Who hasn’t tasted the wines of Porto ? Vinhos verdes are also a popular classic… They almost steal the show from the already famous Douro wines. The Alentejo is not to be outdone in terms of notoriety.

These regions are the lighthouse in an ocean full of soft reflections (hips). These reflections are the wines of the Lisbon region (formerly Estremadura), the wines of the Dão, Tràs-os-Montes or the Algarve, Bairrada, or the Beiras.

It is in this second group of less famous wines that my favourites are found.

To help you find your way around, we have selected a range of great wines. In all these regions, some are famous for a particular type of wine. We have selected 8 wines that we think are a must.

This tasting takes place in four locations for a complete sensory journey !

the best cellars for tasting port in lisbon

Finally, and to satisfy the most curious, I recommend you to check out our complete guide to the wines of Portugal. I also recommend the Portuguese tourism website. It offers great ideas for wine road trips or wine tours. We can organise of course this instructive trip !

Book a Lisbon wine and tasting tour in 2 steps :

Wine tour & tasting in Lisbon

Number of people :

Those who taste !
Description of the wine tour :

Flat rate up to 2 people: 160,00 €

The Lisbon wine-tasting tour is an entirely private activity & lasts ±3h. This walking tour is led by Sylvain, our French-Portuguese wine expert. The tasting consists of 6 glasses (1 sparkling, 2 whites, 2 reds and one fortified), divided between 3 wine merchants. Departure at 4pm from the Principe Real garden (time subject to change depending on the guide's availability). Flat rate from 1 to 2 people : €160, from 3 people: €65 p.p. Wine book(s) & snacks included.

Total cost of the Lisbon wine tour :

Booking request free of charge. Do you have a question? If you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to consult our FAQ, as well as our general terms and conditions of sale.

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