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Lisbon, land of wines

Would you like to spend a quiet evening in Lisbon under the sign of Bacchus, are you a wine lover before the eternal ? You don't know what wine to drink in Lisbon  ?

Visiting Lisbon is above all having the opportunity to discover its cultural and gastronomic heritage. Tasting Portuguese wines is of course one of the things to do in Lisbon. The Portuguese grape varieties (there are more than 300 !) are completely different from the French or Italian, which makes Portugal a new world to explore for connoiseurs.

That's why we think the exclusive Lisbon wine tasting tour is a must if you want to enjoy more.

Finally, if you want to learn more, our page dedicated to Portuguese wines is very well informed and, moreover, reviewed by specialists.

On this post, we'll help you find out where to enjoy good bottles in a Lisbon wine bar and where to get information on where to buy portuguese wine in Lisbon :

  1. Our best wine bars in Lisbon.
  2. Where to buy wine in Lisbon
  3. Wine events in Lisbon such as our monthly "Tchin-tchin" tastings.

Wine not in Lisbon ? There is not only this wine bar in Lisbon !

Wine bars in Lisbon are springing up like mushrooms. Some are very famous like By The Wine, The Old Pharmacy. Personally I don’t like the cheap wines of Maria Fonseca (By the Wine) but love their moscatel and the nice bottles. Also, it’s too touristy for me to go there. Old Pharmacy has a je ne sais quoi that seems fishy to me. The service and the uniformity of the decor don’t really suit me.

So, we have selected our favourite places with one goal in mind : to give you something to build your opinion on the wines of Portugal & Lisbon. Among our criteria : the quality of the wines, the place, its atmosphere, the friendly and above all knowledgeable staff.

Wine tasting tour in Lisbon during a successful hen or stag party and in a good mood

Here are our top 10 best wine bars in Lisbon :

1- Bla Bla Glu Glu, the best Portuguese wine & tapas bar in Lisbon

Onde os copos falam e as pessoas bebem, i.e. converse, drink, eat. This is the philosophy of Bla Bla Glu Glu, an emblematic wine bar located in the Mouraria district. Chef Leopoldo Calhau has put his heart into it.

If the bar is ever closed, you can always try his selection of wines in the Taberna do Calhau restaurant, just a few metres away.

The sommelier Quinti Deuninck runs the establishment. Of the 70 wines on offer, half are Portuguese. This establishment also serves as a delicatessen and of course you can buy preserves, cold meat, cheese, etc.

Address: Largo das Olarias 22.
Open Wednesday to Sunday, 5pm to midnight


2- Black Sheep

At the foot of the iconic Praça das Flores is one of Lisbon’s smallest wine bars : Black Sheep. Brian founded it with his wife (and their dog), after leaving the US to dedicate his new life to Portuguese wines. Being a Black Sheep for them is when a person decides to follow their own path, their own beliefs without being pressured by others. Here you will find a nice collection of Portuguese wines, whether they are natural, dynamic organic or simply conventional. They have one thing in common : they are all made by independent winemakers who are driven by their convictions.

Here you will find unique bottles that cannot be found anywhere else in the classic Lisbon wine bars. I personally think that their prices are great for the location but also for their references.

Address: Praça das Flores, 62. 
Open all week, from 2pm to 11pm (10am on Sunday)

3- Club des Châteaux, great wine bar with tasting room in Lisbon

The Club des Châteaux is a unique wine bar in Europe. A magnificent setting where you can taste French wines without any intermediaries, and therefore at harvesting prices. All the producers and growers that you will be able to discover are indeed members of the project!

If French wines dominate the menu, the next objective of the manager Xavier is to expand it with wines from Portugal, of course! A little fact : all the domains of the Club des Châteaux are historical (the domain of the Château d’Arlay is almost a thousand years old !) and have a long wine tradition.

Address: rua Actor Taborda 43.
Open from Monday to Saturday, from 5pm to 10.30pm

4- Comida independente, bar and portuguese natural wine shop in Lisbon

Located in the old warehouses of the port of Lisbon, a stone’s throw from Cais do Sodre and Madragoa, Comida Independente is a fantastic wine cellar. If you want to taste the bottle on the spot, you pay a corkage fee of only €4. Service by the glass is of course possible. On the spot you can enjoy charcuterie and cheese platters, as well as other small gourmet dishes.

All the wines on display are natural. A simple and warm setting, a friendly atmosphere that grabs you right away. Every sip of wine is a pleasure to savour.

Address : Rua Cais do Tojo 28.
Open Thursday to Saturday, 3pm to 10pm

5- Jobim, a cosy wine bar near Bairro Alto.

Located in the vibrant Principe Real district, Jobim is a very welcoming wine bar with a Brazilian flair. The lively bossa nova music invites you to stop by. At the zinc counter, one can taste delicious petiscas (Portuguese « tapas ») accompanied by the most popular Portuguese national wines.

Simple things to start the evening with friends. It’s also an opportunity to meet new people.

Address: Rua da Imprensa Nacional 116B.
Open every day from 4pm to 2am (11pm on Sundays)


6- Madame Bacchus, wine bar near the Lisbon castle.

Located between Baixa and Sao Jorge Castle, Madame Bacchus is an establishment founded by a French couple of epicureans. It is the ideal address if you are looking for a wine bar worthy of the name near the Alfama district. A neat decoration, a pleasant atmosphere to taste Portuguese wine. The choice of wines is very wide, and you can also taste Portuguese specialities (muxama, amanteigado cheese, chorizo…) and French specialities.

Address: Rua de São Mamede 30G.
Open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 11.30am to 11.30pm

7- Opif bar, the best wine list in Lisbon.

Located in the alternative district of Anjos, Opif is a pleasant wine bar, warm at first glance with its pastel tones and curves. An invitation to chat over a glass of Portuguese wine.

Opif is the project of a lifetime. Adelaide fell in love with the precious nectar when she discovered the Carménère grape variety in Chile. After months of travelling through the vineyards of South America, she fell (again) in love with Portuguese wines. A reminder of her Latin travels.

On the spot, over a platter of cold meats and cheeses, you can taste fresh and intense wines from small producers. As a wine lover, I can assure you that even if its wine list is not the most extensive, you will find the best of Portugal.

All in all, it’s the perfect place to make up your mind about Portuguese wines and… especially to get together with friends after a busy day!

Address: R. Maria 43A.
Open from Wednesday to Friday, from 5pm to 1am

8- Senhor Uva

Senhor Uva is a wine bar in the Lapa district, located behind the Prime Minister’s residence and a stone’s throw from the Estrela garden. It offers a wide selection of natural wines from Portugal and elsewhere (France, Greece, etc…). The whole team is at your service and the welcome is very friendly. You can enhance this tasting with a dinner prepared before your eyes. The dishes are vegetarian, seasonal and the ingredients come from small producers.

A continuity between natural wines and a philosophy of life : a human-sized space, healthy food, an experience that makes sense.

Address: R. de Santo Amaro 66A.
Open Wednesday to Sunday, from 3pm to 11pm (opening at 5pm on Wednesday and Thursday)

9- Vino Vero, bar & natural wine shop in Lisbon

Vino Vero is a story that took root in Venice with the opening of the first bar in 2014. Italians who are passionate about natural wines and who in a few years have become a reference in Italy. Now they have fallen in love with Lisbon and are opening their Portuguese alter-ego in the Graça district at the end of 2018. As you can see, at Vino Vero you can taste natural wines from Portuguese producers, but not only.

You will find the most impressive collection of Italian wines in the city, as well as a few French gems.

Address: Tv. do Monte 30.
Open every day from 3.30pm to midnight (1am Friday & Saturday)

10- Wines by heart, luxury wine bar in Lisbon

The famous Wines by Heart wine bar is located near the prestigious Avenida da Liberdade. Its location is in harmony with its prices, which are high for the average person. At Wines by heart, there are no entry-level wines, the owners offer the most prestigious wines on the market.

Wines from the terroir, whether they are organic, natural or conventional. Their aim here is to touch your heart and soul.

Address: Rua Rosa Araújo 35.
Open every day except Sunday, from 12pm to 11pm.

Other wine bars to discover in Lisbon :

  1. LADIDADI WINES (Intendente/Graça): This concept bar is both a wine bar and a vinyl shop. Florian offers an incredible selection of natural wines from Portugal and Europe. On the spot, some gourmet snacks enhance the experience.
  2. Holy Wine (jardim da Estrela): wines from small producers from Portugal and beyond. Katya and Sasha swear by dynamic organic, organic and natural wines !
  3. Carinho do Vinho (Praça das Flores) : for a simple tasting experience.
  4. Rebel Rebel (jardim da Estrela): competing with Black Sheep Lisboa in terms of size. You order natural wines by the glass or bottle, stand around, share and chat. I love it !

Finally, if you want to dine and stay on the wine theme, here are the restaurants in Lisbon with a nice wine list : Magano (campo de Ourique), Solar dos Presuntos (Baixa), JNCquoi (avenida da Liberdade), Via Graça (Graça).

Where to buy wine in Lisbon ?

For port wine :

Portologia (Rua de S. Julião 34-36): producer and retailer, Julien will be of good advice with his team. He has a shop in Porto, but also in Paris.

For wines from the Lisbon region :

  1. Garrafeira internacional (Rua da Escola Politécnica 15) : the best value for money in the Lisbon region. Here you will find Casa Santos Lima wines, owner of the most urban vineyards in Lisbon (next to the airport).
  2. CVR Mercado da Ribeira (Av. 24 de Julho s/n): this shop is run by the organisation that certifies wines from the Lisbon region. It’s a great showcase for people who want to buy local !

For Portuguese wines :

  1. Garrafeira Imperial (Rua do Alecrim 47-a): Perfect for tasting and buying. The professional team is very good at giving advice. They are dynamic and know their stuff.
  2. Garrafeira Nacional (Rua de Santa Justa 18): In this historical shop, you can also find Ricard and other international spirits. They sell online and have quite a selection of wines.

Recurrent wine events & fair in Lisbon :

  1. Every Thursday at Garrafeira Imperial, Portuguese wine tasting with the producer present. Participation from €5 to €15 or purchase of a bottle of that value or more. Knowledge of Portuguese is recommended.
  2. Every Friday and Saturday: lunch at the wine shop LADIDADI WINES. To discover and buy natural wines ! This is the best address to find some gems.
  3. Festivals during the autumn to follow on these Facebook pages: Mercado de Vinhos, Vinho Grandes Escolhas and Vinho e Portugal. Finally, in March, you have Pura Sede, the great meeting place for natural wines.
Ladidadi wines is a natural wine shop-cellar with tasting in Lisbon
Ladidadi Wines - © Austeja Ščiavinskaitė

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