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A trip to Lisbon for a weekend means discovering a magnificent capital that you love to explore without ever getting bored. And to get to know the most unusual corners of the city, booking a private tour is probably the best idea you can have.

On the other hand, if you visit Lisbon in 6 days, during a short week, you will very quickly want to expand your perspectives and it’s timely as there is no shortage of activities outside Lisbon. The nature parks are great. The most famous nature park is of course Sintra with its palaces, mystical nature and rocky coast. When we talk about Sintra, we immediately think of the seaside resort of Cascais, which is Lisbon’s Saint-Tropez.

To find out more, I recommend that you read my post on the places to be discovered around Lisbon.

Sintra and Cascais are surely on your list of things to do around Lisbon, as are 4.5 million of the tourists who come to Lisbon every year. And yes, it is very much a tourist attraction !

If you’re looking for an unusual excursion to Lisbon, beautiful and not very crowded, look south. In the direction of the Arrábida Natural Park !

A road trip to Portugal and Lisbon with a rental car or the rental of a van or motorhome

Serra da Arrábida : a paradise on earth unknown to tourists.

Finally some air ! If this 10,800 hectare natural mountain range has remained so discreet (there is a summit which nevertheless peaks at 501 metres), it is because it is difficult to access it when you don’t have a means of mobility. It is therefore a very preserved natural park, mainly visited at weekends by the Portuguese. They come above all for these famous beaches and now referenced on Tripadvisor among the best beaches in Portugal. It doesn’t sound like it, but it’s true. I propose you to discover my special report on my favourite beaches in Lisbon.

What Tripadvisor does not say is that a mountain of rare beauty, with two very distinct slopes, protects them. The first side, due north, faces Azeitão. A farming village with its vineyards, quintas and peaceful meadows. To the south, cliffs flow into the Sado estuary and offer you numerous creeks, revealing idyllic beaches with crystal-clear waters. In the evening, the shade appears quite quickly.

Protected from the currents and winds, the waters are perfect for diving and water sports such as paddling. The luckiest ones will be able to observe the ballet of dolphins in the open sea. But the Serra da Arrábida offers much more for outdoor activities outside Lisbon.

Convent da serra da arrabida with a magnificent view of the Sado estuary

Cheap and full of adrenaline, here are the 20 best sport activities near Lisbon. Ready for the adventure ?

All the services below are provided by the same operator that has been present in the Serra da Arrábida for more than 15 years. The guides & instructors are locals who know the Arrábida inside out. Our partner is always at the forefront of innovation but is also concerned about the quality of the service and your safety above all. The activities are in English.

Useful information for booking :

  1. When you click to book, you will be redirected to our partner's booking platform. Once the reservation is confirmed, you will be able to ask it directly questions about the organisation of your excursion.
  2. The services below do not include transfers to Sesimbra (departure point of the main activities). If you would like a transfer, please contact us.

Dolphin watching near Lisbon

The dolphins of the Sado estuary regularly come to have a good time because this maritime area is the best preserved in Europe. It is therefore possible to observe them in their natural environment. Duration 3h. Included : boat with captain, life jacket, insurance, moscatel and local pastry.

From €35 p.p

Hiking near Lisbon : the Arrábida Natural Park

This hike (medium difficulty) in Arrábida offers a route of 6 to 8 km with an approximate height difference of 130 metres. You will be immersed in the wilderness of Arrábida. The aim of the hike is for you to feel the perfect harmony between the mountains and the sea. Duration 4 h. Included : guide, insurance.

From €20 p.p

Scuba diving excursion near Lisbon for certified divers.

Arrábida is considered the Mecca of diving in mainland Portugal. If you are already a certified diver, you can explore the underwater world at your leisure, of course with the help of a diving instructor. You will be able to choose between deep diving, wreck diving, shallow diving, marine biology, underwater photography, subterranean diving, etc... Duration 4h. Material included + guide: air bottle (12 litres/ 200 bar) and ballast, boat and insurance.

From €35 p.p

Scuba diving excursion near Lisbon for beginners.

As a beginner diver, you will learn the basics of diving under the careful supervision of the instructors. To enjoy the diving session on the coast of Arrábida, we will start from the port of Sesimbra to the spot chosen for the adventure. The Arrábida Marine Park is the home of an extraordinary biodiversity, a unique case compared to other sites on the Atlantic Ocean. Duration 4h. Material included + guide : air bottle (12 litres/ 200 bar) and ballast, boat and insurance.

From €90 p.p

Snorkelling near Lisbon

Under the supervision of a specialised guide, snorkelling is an excellent activity for discovering Arrábida's Maritime Park. Biodiversity here is flourishing : more than 1300 different species have been identified ! Duration. Included : Mask and snorkel kit, wetsuit, boat and insurance.

From €35 p.p

Coasteering near Lisbon

Our partner offering the excursions was the first in Portugal to have created a coasteering trail. This consists of progressing along the maritime coast with different challenges. On the menu: swimming, diving, climbing, abseiling, zip line and cliff jumping! Requirements for this activity: know how to swim and be over 12 years old. Duration 4h. Includes : harness, helmet, lifejacket, wetsuit, support boat and insurance.

From €40 p.p

Hiking around Lisbon : the spectacular trails of Arrábida.

Nature lovers will not be outdone. There is no shortage of hiking trails in the Serra de Arrábida.

I have personally done the routes of Pico do Formosinho and the Serra do Risco. The scenery is breathtaking, nature is omnipresent, tourists are missing. The only negative point is the bad care of the paths which turn into Corsican bush ! Wear long clothes and carry GPS applications to avoid disappointment. During our ascent, we had to turn back twice because of a lack of signposting. You can also book hiking excursions in Arrábida by clicking here.

Hiking in Lisbon on the Serra da Arrabida at the top of the summit with view on the ocean

Half-day adventure near Lisbon

A private tour with a guide for up to 6 people. Our adventurous guides are highly qualified, very friendly and know Arrábida very well. This is an opportunity to discover the region in a very different way ! All guides have a 4x4 and they will take you wherever you are in Arrábida (Sesimbra, Palmela or Sétubal). Dare to be adventurous, but with comfort and safety ! Duration 4 h. A choice of activities available : 4×4 tour, abseiling, caving, climbing, coasteering, hiking, mountain bike tour, kayaking, snorkelling. Equipment included.

From €200

Adventure day near Lisbon

A private tour with a guide for up to 6 people. Our adventurous guides are highly qualified, very friendly and know Arrábida very well. This is an opportunity to discover the region in a very different way ! All guides have a 4x4 and they will take you wherever you are in Arrábida (Sesimbra, Palmela or Sétubal). Dare to be adventurous, but with comfort and safety! Duration 8h. Two activities available to choose from : 4×4 tour, abseiling, caving, climbing, coasteering, hiking, mountain bike tour, kayaking, snorkelling. Equipment included.

From €280

Speleology near Lisbon : the cave "Lapa Verde"

Arrábida is a natural park full of natural caves. Among them, Lapa Verde is one of the most spectacular caverns of the park. It is full of shafts that allow natural light to enter, giving it a unique beauty. Inside you will find an underground beach with a direct exit to the ocean. The reflection of the light on the crystalline water gives it a green colour, hence the name of the cave. Required for this activity : to be over 12 years old. Duration: 4h. Equipment included + guide : harness, helmet, headlamp and insurance.

From €35 p.p

Speleology near Lisbon : "Garganta do Cabo”

Garganta do Cabo is a spectacular cave. Because of the difficulty, a whole day is required with a theoretical & practical training in the morning to learn the techniques of vertical descent and ascent. In the afternoon, you explore : the progression inside the cave takes place via fairly large passages. Some are much narrower and more difficult but can be done in any case. Forbidden for cardiac patients and children under 12 years old ! Bring energetic snacks, strong sensations are guaranteed. Duration ± 8h. Equipment included + guide : harness, helmet, headlamp and insurance.

From €100 p.p

Secret beach trip near Lisbon : Baleeira

It is a day that could be described as "sport & laziness". Heading to the magnificent pebble beach of porto de Baleeira, also known as the beach of Paradise. It is a perfect place for first dives. From the top of the cliff, you will abseil down for 3 stages (25m-35m-5m). Then a semi-rigid boat will take you on board and you can discover the caves and secret beaches of Cape Espichel, up to the port of Sesimbra. Duration 4h. Included : equipment, guide and insurance.

From €40 p.p

Via Ferrata near Lisbon : the "Caminho da Mar" cliff

A spectacular adventure awaits you at the foot of the continent's largest limestone cliff. The Via Ferrata of Caminho do Mar is a cliff top route whose walls are equipped with stairs and cables to facilitate (and secure) the participants. This spectacular route, accessible to all, will allow you to immerse yourself in the heart of a wild nature. Once the 100 meters of height have been swallowed up, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking view of the ocean. Included: Harness, helmet, guides, insurance.

From €40 p.p

Boat tour near Lisbon : coves of Arrábida

A trip along the magnificent coast of Arrábida on board a semi-rigid boat. This tour will show you the steep cliffs of the natural park, its coves and caves and the abandoned fishermen's shelters. Incredible landscapes that suffer from no comparison. It will also be an opportunity for the guide to share with you his knowledge of the history, culture and biodiversity of the area. Duration: 2h. Included: boat, guide and insurance.

From €30 p.p

Boat tour : Lisbon's secret beaches

Arrábida - only 1 hour from Lisbon - is considered one of the wildest coastal parks in Europe. With your family or friends, enjoy the secluded beaches that are not easily accessible. These sheltered beaches offer good exposure to the sun, refreshing and crystal clear water. Ideal for diving ! We offer you a precious moment of relaxation to share with your loved ones. Duration 3 hours. Included: boat, guide and insurance.

From €40 p.p

Looking for team building activities in Lisbon ? Look at the perfect day on a secret beach in the Serra da Arrábida !

Enjoy an ideal day with friends and colleagues on a secret beach bathed in sunshine and crystal clear waters. Thai style...but in Lisbon ! For your corporate event in Lisbon, we offer you an excursion to paradise.

As this beach in the Serra da Arrábida is difficult to access from land, the easiest way to get there is by semi-rigid boat. You will have almost exclusive use of the area. You will not lack anything on the spot : boat trips with water tubing, kayaks to explore the caves, beach volleyball, archery, etc... To satisfy your hunger, we offer a buffet of salads, regional specialities (sweet and savoury) and...caipirinhas!

Pleasure and memories guaranteed ! For more details, discover our services for your seminar, team-building event in Lisbon.

Fun boat trip near Lisbon with water tube

Delirious trip in a semi-rigid boat along the coast of Arrábida. For 3 hours, enjoy a jump into the crystal-clear waters of the Arrábida coast on a towed nautical tube. This activity is perfect for birthdays, hen/stag do and days with friends ! Duration : 3h. Included: boat, tube, guide and insurance.

From €55 p.p

Transfer by boat to the Ribeira do Cavalo beach.

Enjoy a fantastic day of relaxation. From the port of Sesimbra, a semi-rigid boat will take you to the secluded Ribeira do Cavalo beach, considered to be the most beautiful in Portugal. A minimum of 4 people is required to confirm the transfer. Duration 7h. Included: boat with skipper for return transfers, insurance.

From €17 p.p

Kayak excursion near Lisbon : the coves of Espichel

This kayak tour will be a real adventure as it is planned over 2 days ! The coast of Arrábida is a park rich in maritime fauna and is home to many caves, wild beaches and steep coves, so you can imagine the breathtaking scenery. Minimum 8 people. Duration 2 days. Equipment included + guide : sit on top kayak and its equipment, waterproof barrel, tent, mattress, boat and insurance.

For €100 p.p

Excursion to Arrábida by 4x4

A 4×4 tour allows you to cover large distances between the incredible places in Arrábida Park. Regardless of the weather conditions, the 4×4 tour is off the beaten track. Itinerary : 1- Arrábida Natural Park 2- Portinho da Arrábida 3- Wine tasting at a producer's house 4- Sesimbra Medieval Castle. Duration: 4 h. Included: 4x4 with guide, visits, tasting, insurance.

For €50 p.p

Kayak excursion near Lisbon : wild coast of Sesimbra.

This kayak trip includes a ride along the Sesimbra coast to Ribeiro do Cavalo beach, a wild and beautiful beach (30 min break). The Arrabida Marine Reserve is one of the most important in Europe with incredible biodiversity and unique landscapes. Duration 3h. Equipment included + guide : sit on top kayak and its equipment, waterproof barrel, boat and insurance.

From €25 p.p

Sea Kayak Rental Arrábida - Sesimbra

We offer the rental of 2-seater sea kayaks "sit on top". The agency is located in the port of Sesimbra, in the Arrábida Natural Park. The kayaks are available from 10:00 am and must be returned by 5:00 pm regardless of the time of pick-up. Included: kayak sit on top, backrests, paddles, life jackets, map, waterproof barrel (40 litres).

€40 per kayak

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