The best beaches around Lisbon

Under the hot Lisbon sun, you can only think of two things : your fan-shaped feet and a refreshing bath ! In the Portuguese capital region, you will find incredible beaches with a great diversity of landscapes. Family, surfers, friends, couples in search of a romantic sunset, everyone will find something to suit them. VisitmyLisbon lists the best beaches in Lisbon, with the available means of transport !

Where are the nearest beaches to the centre of Lisbon and how do I get there ?

The beaches accessible by train between Lisbon and Cascais :

Map of Lisbon beaches

Caxias beach

The beach is located on the edge of the main road between Lisbon and Cascais. Contrary to appearances, this accessible beach is very quiet and clean. Small in size and sheltered from the wind, it is the perfect place for an afternoon with the children. For added comfort, it also has a private beach with sunbeds and parasols

Check train timetables on the website of Comboios de Portugal.

the beach of Caixas, quiet and clean it offers a private beach with deckchairs and beach umbrellas
Photo ©️redits @imgoulart

The famous beach of Carcavelos

Carcavelos is perhaps the most easily accessible and busiest beach in Lisbon as it is only 20 minutes from the centre of Lisbon. In good weather, Carcavelos beach remains a pleasant beach during the hot summer days and it attracts many locals. And for good reason ! The beach is surrounded by bars, restaurants with terraces and areas for various leisure activities. There is a beach soccer field, a beach volleyball field and even a skateboard track !  Finally, with its beautiful waves, Carcavelos beach is an ideal spot for surfers and bodyboarders, whose lessons can be booked via our surf page

Check train timetables on the website of Comboios de Portugal.

Carcavelos beach is the place for surfers and bodysurfers, the waves are perfect

Tamariz beach

Praia do Tamariz is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Estoril coast. It is as popular with tourists as it is with locals.

Tamariz also has an ocean swimming pool with free access. This beach is perfect for young families. Swimming in Tamariz + a tour for kids in the heart of Lisbon is a perfect combination to make unforgettable memories of Portugal.

You can go for a walk, rollerblading or cycling and enjoy a wide range of bars, restaurants and discos. We must not forget to mention the Casino which has a great agenda.  

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Tamariz beach is perfect for families
Photo ©️redits @josiltonsousa

Da Rainha beach

In the heart of the city of Cascais, Praia da Rainha is a small but charming urban beach. Surrounded by cliffs, it has some of the calmest and most crystal clear waters in the region. It is, in fact, very well sheltered. Beware, however, of overcrowding in summer or on sunny weekends. Praia da Rainha means Queen’s Beach. The name of the beach was given by Queen Dona Amelia, as it was one of her private properties… Classy ! For even more freedom and a memorable experience with family or friends, we suggest a return trip to Lisbon by sailboat or catamaran.

Check train timetables on the website of Comboios de Portugal.

Da Rainha beach has some of the calmest water in Portugal
Photo ©️redits @lessa_jemerson

Our suggestion for a restaurant on the coast : Baia do Peixe in Cascais where for 26 euros you can have all-you-can-eat seafood.

The wild beaches of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park coast :

Map of Lisbon beaches : the Sintra coast

Guincho beach

With its white sand and crystal clear water, Guincho is the largest beach in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

Guincho beach is very popular with surfers, kitesurfers and especially windsurfers, as it is an area with strong gusts of wind. The waves are sometimes plump ! I remember one March with a good 2m50 tube. Lessons can be booked via our surf page.

Despite the lack of facilities, there are a few bars & restaurants in the area, including the Michelin starred Fortaleza do Guincho.

Check train timetables on the website of Comboios de Portugal.

Guincho Beach is a popular beach for surfers
Photo ©️redits @chrisjillard

Ursa beach : Lisbon's secret beach

This beautiful, secluded beach is surrounded by cliffs and is just a stone’s throw from Cabo da Roca. It is the promise of a guaranteed feeling of escape.

This little paradise, hidden from view, gives you the opportunity to disconnect for a day. There are no restaurants or toilets here, this is a wild beach. Bring your picnic and something to cool off. The place is also suitable for hiking. 

Check train timetables on the website of Comboios de Portugal.

Ursa Beach, Lisbon Sintra's secret beach surrounded by cliffs

Adraga beach

I could easily classify it as one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, it bluffs ! Its access makes it difficult to reach. The objective is therefore the reward of an arduous and steep walk. It is necessary to bring water and snacks or a little money to enjoy a meal at the restaurant of the beach da Adraga. 

This beach brings together several profiles of people : fishermen, climbers, wine growers (who rarely come down from the westernmost post-phylloxera vineyards of continental Europe…) and of course the curious who are amply rewarded by the Alvidrar rock which sublimates this unique beach. The more adventurous venture into the caves on the beach or onto a « secret » beach accessible by passing behind rocks… Get your compasses ready!

Praia da Adraga is a secluded beach popular with fishermen and locals

Grande beach

The popularity of this beach is due to its size, considered the second largest beach in the Sintra region. It is also a popular place for surfers as it hosts championships.

This beach is very popular with the Portuguese and offers several bars and restaurants on the seafront.

Check train timetables on the website of Comboios de Portugal.

Grande beach is very popular with surfers, easy to get to and close to restaurants and bars

Other beaches : praia das Maças, praia do Magoito

Our suggestion for a restaurant on the coast : Restaurant Azenhas do Mar (very good fish restaurant).

Costa Da Caparica beaches

Map of Lisbon beaches : Costa da Caparica

The beaches of Costa da Caparica extend over 15 kilometres and are the largest sandy beaches in the region.

Caparica has a multitude of beaches, one after the other, which are easily accessible by car. These fine sandy beaches are very busy, so beware of the traffic jams at the end of the week ! There are typical restaurants, beach clubs and everything you need to have a good time on the beach.

There is something for everyone. Each beach club has a different atmosphere, so you are spoilt for choice!

Near the fishing village of Cova do Vapor, you will come across the praia de Sao Joao de Caparica. This huge beach of about 1.4km is very popular for all the activities it has to offer. World class waves, excellent swimming area, you name it ! This beach is ideal for taking your first steps in surfing. 

Further south, the Praia de Infante is perfect for families ! Unlike the other beaches, the waves are not too big and the Casablanca beach club is perfect for having a good time with your family.

The Praia de Castelo is a very popular beach for the Portuguese. Right on the beach you will find a typical coastal restaurant. Special mention for the amêijoas à bulhão pato ! On either side of the beach you will also find two very festive beach clubs. In particular Yamba, considered to be one of the best beach clubs in the world in 2020

Yamba the best lounge bar beach club in lisbon with sunset parties on the beaches of caparica

Nudists and gays, praia 19 is for you. This beach is the most secluded on the Costa da Caparica. It is one of the few official naturist beaches in Portugal. Over the years, the beach has started to welcome more and more the gay community, making it the most famous in Portugal. Did you meet any good people ? If you want to continue your night out, check out our page on the best gay places and bars in Lisbon

Pour finir, la dernière plage de Caparica, et pas des moindres, le village de Fonte da Telha. C’est une station balnéaire parfaite pour les familles. Vous y trouverez des plages surveillées, des restaurants, des bars, des écoles nautiques, un centre de plongée. Profitez également des belles balades dans le maquis, en haut de la falaise ! Vous pouvez d’ailleurs réserver un cours de surf à Sao Joao da Caparica sur notre page spéciale surf.

Transpraia is the train that runs along the beaches of the Costa da Caparica

The wild beaches of Arrábida Natural Park :

Map of Lisbon beaches: Serra da Arrábida coast

Figueirinha beach

Praia da Figueirinha is undoubtedly one of the best known and most sought-after beaches in the region due to its easy access and the tranquillity of its waters. This heavenly beach offers you the possibility (at low tide) to reach the small coves in the vicinity during a walk along the seafront. The beach has immediate access to a huge cove, ideal for windsurfers.

Check train timetables on the website of Fertagus.

Praia da Figueirinha is the best beach of Arrabida
Photo ©️redits

Galapinhos beach

As I mentioned before, the Serra da Arrabida has some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, if not Europe. Praia dos Galapinhos offers soft and crystal clear waters, white sand…It’s exotic. It is a unique beach because of its diversity. As soon as you set foot there, you won’t want to leave, because the landscape is incredible. A real paradise on earth.

For divers, this beach is an ideal place to observe the marine fauna and flora or even for underwater fishing. 

The Praia dos Galapinhos is unique in its diversity, worthy of a small paradise on earth
Photo ©️redits @juliackessler

Coelhos beach

It is in the most inaccessible areas that the most beautiful places are found. And dos Coelhos beach is no exception. To discover the crystal clear waters and the white sandy beach behind this vegetation, you have to keep in mind that you will be walking a bit. There is no vehicle access to the beach. As you can already imagine, with an isolated area like this, there are no facilities, be it bars, restaurants or toilets. So make sure you have something to eat and drink. That’s it, you’re ready for the adventure!

dos Coelhos beach is a hidden paradise surrounded by greenery
Photo ©️redits @marcossdomingues

Portinho da Arrabida

Located in the Serra da Arrabida Natural Park, Praia do Portinho is known for its beauty and tranquillity. Surrounded by dense vegetation, this beach offers a magnificent landscape, between its fine sand bank and its blue-shaded water.

This relaxing bay is a good place to go diving and to observe the marine biodiversity

secret beach of Portinho Da Arrabida near Lisbon, one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches of Lisbon

Sesimbra beaches

Map of Lisbon beaches : Sesimbra coast

Ouro beach / California beach

In winter it is an ideal place for those who practice surfing and bodyboarding, but in summer the waves of the Praia do Ouro dissipate, becoming an ideal beach for swimmers who wish to enjoy the sun and its refreshing waters. 

In 2013, the beach was renovated and equipped with infrastructure (public toilets and bars) to make it more comfortable and attractive to the public. Between May and October you can watch scenes of arte xávega, the traditional seine fishing.

Check bus timetables on the TST website.

do Ouro beach is a family beach where you will find everything you need to enjoy a quiet moment at the beach
Photo ©️redits @mariajoaoss

Ribeira do Cavalo beach : Lisbon's other secret beach.

For lovers of paradise beaches, the Praia do Ribeiro do Cavalo is a real sanctuary. The purity of its waters is enough to make Thailand’s jealous (except for the temperature…) ! Isolated, you must bring something to refresh yourself and eat.

This wild beach is surrounded by cliffs and maquis. You can only access this beach by boat or by a difficult to reach footpath. The more adventurous will choose the footpath.

secret and secluded beach of lisbon in the arrabida park and near sesimbra, accessible by boat

Baleeira beach

Also known as Praia do Paraiso (Paradise), Praia da Baleeira is a pebble beach that is famous for its calm and transparent waters. This bay is therefore very popular for first-time divers. It is a completely wild beach and difficult to access.

Photo ©️redits @pedrodiasguerreiro

Access Lisbon's secret beaches by boat !

Return boat transfers to Portinho da Arrábida

Return boat transfers to Portinho da Arrábida

You take the RIB boat from Sesimbra port and you can enjoy the beach of Portinho da Arrabida maximum 7h (approx.). Transfers to Sesimbra not included. Minimum 4 people.
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For €27 p.p
Return boat transfers to Praia Ribeiro do Cavalo

Return boat transfers to Praia Ribeiro do Cavalo

You take the RIB boat from Sesimbra port and you can enjoy Ribeiro do Cavalo beach maximum 7 hours (approx.). Transfers to Sesimbra not included. Minimum 4 people.
Book now
For €17 p.p
Return boat transfers to Praia da Baleeira

Return boat transfers to Praia da Baleeira

You take the RIB boat from Sesimbra port and you can enjoy Baleeira beach maximum 7 hours (approx.). Transfers to Sesimbra not included. Minimum 4 persons.
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For €21 p.p

Meco beach

This long beach is protected by cliffs and a pine forest. It is mainly known for its restaurant, Bar do Peixe, famous for its fresh grilled fish and dishes such as limpets with garlic butter. This beach hosts the ultimate international frisbee tournament every year : the Bar do Peixe International Tournament. For the more adventurous you won’t be disappointed, the waves are big and powerful so watch out.

Check bus timetables on the TST website.

Praia do meco is the perfect sunset beach near Lisbon and has great fish restaurant

Alfarim beach

This beautiful beach is an alternative for those looking for a wild beach. Access is via a long wooden staircase. Faced with a vast expanse of sand and an ocean as far as the eye can see, Alfarim beach is a pleasant place to swim or to stroll in the sun.

Check bus timetables on the TST website.

Alfarim beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming
Photo ©️redits @amelvac

Das Bicas beach

Located south of Moinho de Baixo beach. It is an area exposed to the strong north and west winds, so it is very popular with surfers and bodyboarders.

The beach has almost no infrastructure, but for surfers this factor is not very important. The waves and the good water quality are enough to satisfy them.

Last but not least, this beach is frequented by naturists.

Praia das Bicas is an ideal beach for surfing and naturism
Photo ©️rédits @magiaportugalii

Lagoa de Albufeira

Lagoa de Albufeira is the perfect place for a day out with family and friends, as it is very safe for children. You will find a beautiful panorama, many shaded areas. It is ideal for picnics by the sea. Because of the permanent winds, this spot is ideal for kite-surfing.

On site, don’t miss the tasting of clams in an appetizing broth (ameijoas a bulhao pato) : they are fished on the spot, there is no fresher ! Waves or no waves, there’s something for everyone !

Check bus timetables on the TST website.

Lagoa de Albufeira is the ideal place for families or friends, a calm and relaxing water
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