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Discover a hidden Lisbon with the best private & local tour guide !

With a private tour guide, Lisbon easily captivates. Magnificent and pleasant to live in, the Portuguese capital has become the favorite destination in Europe. If you are convinced about exploring Lisbon but don't know where to start, if you want to avoid the tourist traps... Our tailor-made tours will meet your expectations !

Sylvain, French speaking guide in Lisbon, Portugal


VisitmyLisbon guide and editor

Are you in one of these situations ?

  1. A first approach to Lisbon. You want to make the most of it rather than having your nose in a Lonely planet travel guide.
  2. You didn’t have time to prepare your trip in advance. You’ve worked too hard and you’ve just arrived in Lisbon at the last minute, relaxed and thirsty for discovery.
  3. The dream of seeing an hidden Lisbon. Open your mind, meet locals, Lisbon enthusiasts, gourmets, enjoy sublime sightseeings…
  4. The leap into the unknown. You don’t speak Portuguese, you feel lost in front of this city that seems gigantic. Quite simply, you don’t dare to explore outside the classic tourist itinerary.
  5. A family trip to Lisbon. You arrive with your teens and you don’t know how to entertain them. We have the solution to get them out of Snapchat for a day !
  6. A trip with friends. You are a bunch of friends and you want a memorable and entertaining private tour in Lisbon.
Calçada do Duque, stairs that offer a beautiful view of Lisbon through a private walking tour in English

The perfect idea : a half day private walking tour in Lisbon !

I think that a private tour is perfect for your first steps in Lisbon but also if you want to learn more about the city. Trust the best tour guide in Lisbon !

For 4 hours or 8 hours, a VisitmyLisbon guide will show you hidden face of Lisbon. On the itinerary :

  1. Magnificent and unsuspected sceneries.
  2. History and stories. Quality content and a meaningful historical walking tour. Your private guide will be qualified and passionate. 
  3. Do you want a Lisbon walking tour of Alfama or Chiado ? No problem. Our tailor-made private tour goes through the historical districts of Lisbon, according to your taste and wishes.
  4. It’s indeed a private walking tour of Lisbon, but at your own pace and punctuated by a tasting.
  5. Surprises for teens.
  6. Exchange and connection with the locals.
  7. For hen & stag do, for party friends : a private tour of Lisbon allows you to learn a little more about the city, while having lot of fun ! We have a special rooftop tour for you.

In the end, you will have a very great overview of Lisbon !

The private tour of Lisbon is very acclaimed by our visitors. You can read their testimonials on our website or on Tripadvisor. We also organize extra private tour to Belém and Sintra.

What is the rate of a private tour in Lisbon with a local guide ?

Private Lisbon tour

on foot

Price from 4 people

Group rate from 7 people 

Group rate from 10 people

Lunch included

Special day with lunch + aperitif/cocktail from 8 people onwards

Meeting point

Special request for group (EVG/EVJF, seminar, etc...)

Other spoken language available

Free of charge (except lunch)


4h private tour 

 € 125 the tour 

 FLAT RATE for 1 to 3 people

 € 125 (3 pax) + € 30 for each additional person

€ 30 p.p

€ 25 p.p

Praça da Figueira

To be specified during the booking request


Children from 0 to 7 years old

VAT included, tipping is not expected

8h private tour

€ 250 the tour

FLAT RATE for 1 to 3 people

€ 250 (3 pax) + € 60 for each additional person

€ 60 p.p

€ 50 p.p

€ 75 p.p

Praça da Figueira

To be specified during the booking request


Children from 0 to 7 years old

VAT included, tipping is not expected

Booking request free of charge. Do you have a question? If you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to consult our FAQ, as well as our general terms and conditions of sale.

What are the benefits of a private tour with VisitmyLisbon ?

1-All our guides speak English.

They are always challenging themselves to provide a qualitative and exciting speech, tailored to any public. And so that we can get to know each other, discover the entire VisitmyLisbon team !

2- A perfect partner to a Lonely Planet travel guide.

Paper guide books such as Lonely Planet are not constantly updated, whereas we experience the evolution of a fast-moving city on a daily basis.

3-A private tour of Lisbon saves time and money.

If a private tour in Lisbon can represent a cost for your holiday budget, the tour guide’s advices will make you save a lot of money. E.g.: pros or cons of a Lisboa card, what are the good addresses, is the castle worth it, etc… During this private tour, the guide is at your disposal to answer all your questions for the rest of your stay. You can also prepare your trip by reading our great tips.

4- The guarantee of exploring a truly authentic Lisbon.

Let’s be honest, if you are being offered a so-called offbeat tour in the backstreets of Alfama, packed with hundreds of tourists… well, that’s not our idea of authenticity. We also offer you tours to other parts of Lisbon, away from mass tourism, which are just as beautiful and just as exciting.

5- We do not accept commissions with local businesses.

In this way, we are the opposite of many Lisbon tourist guide websites who present their good deals on the web…which mostly make them money ! All the restaurant tips we provide, the shops we visit together are places we appreciate and that we want to share with you. Why refuse commissions ? For us, it is a guarantee of freedom. If the quality in the restaurant gets worse, our hands are not tied.

Private walking tour of Lisbon in English off the beaten track at Largo do Carmo

Why visiting Lisbon on foot makes sense :

« You have to walk in Lisbon on foot. It’s obvious. …] If you go in motor vehicles, if you walk metres through the city without any physical effort, you will not understand the philosophy lesson that the city offers you. That is why it is essential to go on foot. The true believer goes on foot. The one who believes that he has learnt everything, on the contrary, goes by car and in this way he treats the city with contempt, because the city is the earth, the ground, the heights and the hollows, the stones that are out of place, the sounds and the smells, good and bad. If you go in a car [or a tuk-tuk] with the windows closed you are not in the city, you are in the car. And being in a car in Lisbon is the same as being in a car on the other side of the world. …] In a car, all that’s left of the city is cinema, it’s images. »

« For every ground is a vibration », text by Gonçalo M. Tavares.

Very nice and festive private tour of Lisbon with our guide Sylvain during a hen & stag event

Lisbon walking tour for 3 days

If you want to get to know Lisbon from A to Z during 3 days, we have the possibility to offer you a package of private walking tours that will allow you to maximise your experience in the Portuguese capital and its surroundings :

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