Jewish heritage walking tour in Lisbon

Jewish walking tour in Lisbon : discover the district and the heritage of the Jewish community

The Jewish community & Lisbon : a thousand-year-old history

The famous crypto-Jews in the Portuguese village of Belmonte are the tree that hides the forest. Indeed, some meals in Portuguese cuisine are said to have a Jewish origin, and many Portuguese surnames have been adopted by Jews who were forcibly converted.

Lisbon’s cultural heritage is therefore undeniably shaped by the many links between the Jewish community and the Portuguese traditions of today. Portugal’s Jewish roots are among the deepest in Europe, having been present in the Iberian Peninsula since the fall of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

While the Sephardic Jewish community has experienced moments of peace and prosperity, its fate in Lisbon will be tragic. However, the forced conversion and the Portuguese Inquisition did not sound the death knell for the Jews of Lisbon, since some Sephardic Jews returned to Portuguese soil as early as the 19th century. Moreover, Portugal played an incredible and little-known role during the Second World War in the rescue of Jews from all over Europe.

Massacre of Jews in Lisbon following anti-Semitic laws

The Jewish Lisbon by VisitmyLisbon, the most complete tour of the Lisbon's Jewish heritage

Following in the footsteps of the Jewish community in Lisbon is not an easy task. The tragedies that the city has suffered have almost erased its great history.

Therefore, if you wish to discover Lisbon through the prism of the Sephardic community, we offer you an ideal private tour. Anna, our passionate -and exciting- guide, created this tour after a long research work.

During a walk rich in storytelling in Lisbon’s emblematic districts, you will immerse yourself in a forgotten world. This magnificent city will reveal dark sides of its history through the words of Anna.

A journey back in time, but not only… Anna will also introduce you to Lisbon’s current Jewish community and their involvement in the city’s recent history.

What are the advantages of booking a tour of Jewish Lisbon with VisitmyLisbon ?

1- This is a completely private tour in the company of a qualified official guide. A significant advantage because even if it is a thematic tour, her speech will be tailor-made and at your own pace.

2- Through this tour of Jewish Lisbon, you will wander through Lisbon’s emblematic neighbourhoods, such as Alfama and Baixa, each of which was home to a Jewish ghetto.

3- This tour is a very good introduction to the Portuguese capital and can be complemented by another private tour of Lisbon completely different.

4- During this 3,5h/4h tour, a break with a drink/pastel de nata is foreseen when you feel the need.

Fonte do Poeta - Alfama

Visit to Shaaré Tikva, the synagogue of Lisbon

The sumptuous Synagogue of Shaaré Tikva is a must-see when you want to meet Lisbon’s Jewish community. It was the first synagogue built after the antisemitic laws of 1496. Opened in 1904, the synagogue was named Shaare Tikva, which means « Gates of Hope ».

It is the main synagogue of the Jewish community in Lisbon.

Donation : around 5 €.

Address : Rua Alexandre Herculano, 59

Opening hours : Monday to Thursday, from 9am to 12.20pm.

The visit to the synagogue is not included in our tours as they have their own guide service. contact the Lisbon Israelite Community.

Visit to Shaare Tikva, the Lisbon synagogue

Eating kosher in Lisbon ? Here our best kosher restaurant !

At present, there is no restaurant in Lisbon that is certified « kosher » by the Rabbi of Lisbon. However, it is a matter of time. The Israeli street food restaurant Taim Li is awaiting certification.

The young Israeli couple who founded this restaurant eat kosher every day, so you will be well served in terms of quality products, with good traceability.

Address : Estrada das Laranjeiras 227, 1600-134 Lisboa

Opening hours : Sunday to Thursday from 12:00 to 22:00.

Price : about €12 per person

Taim Li is the only kosher restaurant in Lisbon

Other Israeli restaurants or/and with kosher food in Lisbon.

1-Restaurante Marrakech

The restaurant offers Indian and Moroccan dishes, some of the ingredients are certified kosher. You can enjoy delicious meals in a pleasant atmosphere. 

Address : Av. Conde Valbom, 1050-066 Lisboa 

Opening hours : 7 days a week from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to 23:00. 

Price : about €15 for a meal 

2- Restaurante Tantura

The Tantura restaurant is very popular. It offers a variety of hearty and refined kosher dishes. Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or Israeli food, there is something for every taste. For falafel lovers, this is the perfect place to treat your taste buds! 

Address : R. do Trombeta 1 D, 1200-471 Lisboa 

Opening hours : Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm to 11pm. 

Price : Approximately €15 per person 

3- Restaurante Joshua’s Shoarma 

It is a chain of 7 restaurants located in different areas of the city such as Amoreiras, Armazéns do Chiado and Saldanha. It offers typical dishes such as Israeli meat, falafels and kosher salads.

Address : R. dos Correiros, 1100-619 Lisboa

Opening hours : Monday to Sunday from 10am to noon. 

Price : less than €10.

4- Lamo-Lo

Lama-Lo is my favourite part of the short list !

It changes the face of Israeli vegetarian cuisine in Lisbon as we know it. This exclusively vegetarian restaurant offers you a wide choice of delicious dishes, especially the falafels. The owner will be happy to advise you and explain the menu to you! 

Address : R. de São Cristovão n18

Opening hours : Monday to Saturday from noon to 9 pm. 

Price : €10 per dish 

Lisbon's kosher shops

  • Portuel

Located near the Picoas metro station, this shop offers a wide range of certified kosher products such as meat, vegetables, spices, …

You will also find sweet and savoury snacks, kosher cakes, salads and much more! 

Address : Rua Gomes Freira 146A

  • El Corte Ingles

Located near the metro station S. Sebastião metro station, this supermarket offers a small selection of kosher products such as oil, meat, bread and cheese. 

Address : Avenida Antonio Augusto de Aguiar, 31

  • Kosher In Store&Tours

There is a store in Lisbon where you can buy a wide variety of kosher products. You can also order them online. These products will be delivered directly to your home!

Address : Rua do Salitre, 175 A

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