How to get to Lisbon city centre from airport ?

By metro, bus or taxi, here are the different ways of transfer in 2021 to go from Lisbon airport to your hotel in city centre !

How far is Lisbon city centre from airport ? The Humberto Delgado airport is the only international airport in Lisbon. Located in the heart of Lisbon, it will take you roughly 20 minutes to reach the historic centre by taxi, 45 minutes by metro (with at least one change). Due to its proximity to the historic areas, a transfer from the airport to Lisbon city centre is easy. This guide will show you the available transfer options so that you can make the best choice.

Lisbon airport to city centre by taxi or Uber : fare and advices. How does that cost ?

By taxi : 10-20 min to the centre (cheaper than metro for groups) €8-15 max, extra €1.60 per piece of luggage. If the counter is not visible, they can scam and charge €20 to €50. Major disadvantage : there may be a waiting time to make your hair stand on end. Bonus for those who wish to tour Lisbon with us : we will give you a good taxi tip to save you time and money. Feel free to tell us about it during our mail exchanges !

With Uber, Free Now and Bolt in Lisbon, a little cheaper than taxi but much less efficient (from experience, drivers don’t know the city). It is sometimes difficult to find them at the meeting point. Of all of them, Bolt is the cheapest and by clicking here, you will get discounts from the first ride.

An executive transfer to Lisbon city centre, Cascais, Ericeira, Peniche, praia del Rey ? Get a VIP transfer from Lisbon airport with Taxileader !

To book a private transfer between Lisbon airport and its city centre (or around Lisbon, of course), you should budget a minimum of €20 per transfer. This is a guarantee of comfort and customised service on top of that. Waiting on arrival with cap and tie 😉 There are online platforms that compare the best rates in Lisbon. So, if you choose this solution, I recommend you to book a private transfer with Taxileader.

This gives you the opportunity to book your private driver and compare prices between several taxi companies.

Note Covid-19: the Portuguese government’s health measures require taxis and Uber to limit their carrying capacity to 50%. So if you are more than 2 people, we recommend that you choose this option if you do not wish to take public transport.

>>> Access the Taxileader portal here <<

With bus and metro, Lisbon airport offers cheap public transport for a transfer to city centre.

With Aerobus : 20-30 min to the city centre, about €3,60 the ticket. Cheap if you are a couple. This is a bus company that offers great discounts for groups but you travel standing up. It is however very convenient if your hotel is located in the Rossio or Marques de Pombal areas. And for the more far-sighted, you can already book online your aerobus tickets.

By Metro : 35-45 min to the centre with line change. Count 50 cents for a viva viagem card and :

  1. € 1,45 per journey (does not allow the use of train or ferry)
  2. Zapping card is the other alternative and it’s much more flexible : top-up from €5 to €20, valid in the suburbs of Lisbon but not on the other side of the Tagus (TTS=Transtejo) even if it allows you to get there by ferry. You can therefore use all available means of transport (metro, tram, train, bus, ferry).

Another way to reach your destination may be to rent a car at Lisbon airport.

Renting a car is essential (and comfortable) if you wish to explore Portugal from Lisbon. If you stay in the surrounding area (Cascais, Sintra, Cabo da Roca) or in Lisbon itself, renting a car involves more problems than advantages (expensive private car parks, heavy traffic, difficulty to move around and park in the city centre). Or you should think about reserving an accommodation with parking included !

Our visitors are often frustrated to have rented a car at the beginning of their stay. Therefore, if you plan to explore the country after spending a few nights in Lisbon, we recommend that you opt for car rental the day after your last night in Lisbon.

At Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado Airport there are several international rental car agencies. However, if you are already in the centre, you can easily find a car rental company without going through the airport. Our Lisbon car hire guide is very complete and should help you make the right decisions.

The car rental agencies at Lisbon Airport are located 150 metres after the metro station.

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