Learn Portuguese online at home for free !

In 3 or 6 months, can i learn Portuguese for free ?

Learn Portuguese for free? No, it’s not given to everyone! But when you move to a new country and you can do it… It would be a shame to miss it!

As far as I’m concerned, I learned Portuguese this way. By being the worst (15 days on the spot and the others between 4 months and 14 years old in Portugal), I reached a good level of understanding after 2 months.

I used the transport to read the newspapers and pick up difficult terms. After that, working in a youth hostel with a predominantly Portuguese team brought me a lot. After 4 months, my Portuguese was correct, I now speak it fluently.

Here’s how to learn Portuguese for free in Lisbon or at least in Portugal :

Young Cape Verdean woman observing passers-by in a typical Lisbon street whose facades are covered with tiles or azulejos.
For your stay in Brazil or for a retreat in Portugal, it is easy and free to acquire the basics of Portuguese.

How to learn Portuguese for free online ! Yes it's possible

Today, it is complicated for expats to benefit from the Português para Todos programme organised by the High Commission for Migrants.  Classes are saturated by demand. However, learning or deepening the Portuguese language is an important tool for a life project in Portugal, whether to study, live or work.

To address this issue, the High Commission’s website has set up an online platform to learn Portuguese at home, free of charge and at your own pace. Just click on this link.

This online platform gives you access to hundreds of Portuguese language classes at levels A1-A2, but also B1-B2.

Each level has different sections which are validated by exams.

Are you looking for a custom and cheap Portuguese course online ? Try Preply !

Preply is the UFO of online language learning. This intuitive platform is very easy to use and allows you to connect with hundreds of teachers whose native language is Portuguese ! There are many reasons to learn Portuguese with Preply :
  1. Wherever you are, a Portuguese teacher will be available on Preply according to your timetable.
  2. Preply offers private lessons in Portuguese and video chat.Whether for work or for a future trip, the teacher adapts to your personal objectives.
  3. All teachers are native speakers (Portugal, Brazil) and are selected in advance.
  4. The classes are structured and will help you to progress.
  5. Learn Portuguese cheap with Preply. The price of the course varies according to the teacher.
For your first course, get a 50% discount ! Just click here.

Good will is now the only ingredient you need to take the plunge ! Get to your phones and boraLearning Portuguese for free is now and not tomorrow or you won’t do it.

Agora vou falar um portugues otimo em 2 meses !

Congrats for taking the step and good luck!

Elliot, your guide in Lisbon

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