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In Europe & Worldwide is a collective of independent guides

Why choose one of our partner guides?

Some explanations are in order.

Why did we create this collective of independent guides ?

We started from a simple observation : the main booking platforms add an intermediary between the guides and the client. In order to operate, they ask for commissions and this will generate an additional cost for the final client without him noticing it (since it is billed to the guide).

To enable us to offer a service at the right price, we decided to create this network to enable us to remain independent.

Thank you very much for supporting our network and for sharing this page with your friends.

The VisitmyLisbon team

Network of English-speaking guides throughout Europe and the world. Independent guides who are proud of it

Selection criteria for partner guides

The collective represents all the guides partners of VisitmyLisbon, chosen according to simple criteria:

  1. Our partners are all independent guides and have their own booking platform.
  2. They propose tours of their adopted city or residence, in English and with quality !
  3. Most of them have a good reputation thanks to comments and ratings on Google or TripAdvisor platforms.

Like VisitmyLisbon for the Portuguese capital, the creators of these structures are scattered in many cities in Europe and elsewhere. So you can choose from a wide range of destinations for your next holiday without being taken for a ride once you get there.

Network of English-speaking partner guides throughout Europe and the world

The valuable list of private guides can be found on

If you enjoyed discovering Lisbon with us then I am sure you will enjoy the experience again elsewhere ! Let yourself be guided by experts who love their city and want to share their passion with you.

Enjoy your reading and thank you in advance for helping the little one to nibble to his heart’s content !

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Discover Lisbon through the streets of Alfama, Lisbon's emblematic district

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Let's keep in touch :


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