Holiday to Lisbon : the best travel guide

In 2021, I want to have a great holiday in Lisbon !

Let's have holidays ! For winter, March, Easter, August, November... Lisbon here we come !

Whatever the best period in Lisbon to travel, you want sun, fun activities and relaxation. I understand you.

On this post, I give you some advice so that you can enjoy your weekend, week, fortnight or month-long holiday in Lisbon.

The Portuguese capital is one of the most captivating cities in Europe. Located just a handful of hours of flight, Lisbon has some incomparable assets. They will enhance your stay as long as you identify them well !

The essentials for your holiday :

1- Required identity documents : valid passport or identity card (When your country is part of the Schengen area). For UK citizen, you don’t need visa within the 90-day limit.

2- Best time to go : the climate is mild all year round with heat peaks from mid-July to mid-September. The most touristy months are April-May and September-October. Rain can be massive in Lisbon, the periods at risk are from mid-November to beginning of June. Usually during the festive periods and in January, the weather is fine. So if you have a period to aim for during the low season, this is it ! During the high season, June is perfect

3- Average flight time from Europe : between 1h30 and 2h30 hours. It’s next door !

4- Time difference in Portugal… flies the English way! so -1h compared to Germany.

Lisbon travel guide, tram 28 in the Alfama district with Sé Cathedral in the background

In terms of budget flights to Lisbon, we recommend you use a flight price checker such as Skyscanner. This will enable you to make the right choice. Unlike other websites that compare flights, Skyscanner travel shows you the best fares from airlines flying to Lisbon with no hidden fees.

The number 1 advantage of this website is also that it is clearly different from the competition due to its ease of use. In particular, it is possible to find the cheapest flights for a whole month but also the best deal whatever the date, juggling different airlines.

For us, Skyscanner is the perfect tool for travellers who are looking for flexibility or/and want to travel to Lisbon cheaply.

Daily budget guide for a cheap stay in Lisbon

Accommodation :

1- Dormitory bed in a hostel: between € 15 & € 30 p.p. and per night.

2- Airbnb appartment : between € 60 & € 120 per night.

3- 3-star hotel in the centre of Lisbon : between € 80 & € 100 per night.

4- 4-star hotel in the centre of Lisbon : between € 120 & € 200 per night.

5- 5-star hotel : min € 150.

N.B: breakfasts included.

Discover now our selection of great hotels in Lisbon !

Lisbon Hotels Travel Guide

Meals :

1- Lunch in a typical Portuguese restaurant such as a cantina or tasca. Full menu of the day at less than € 10 p.p.

2- Dinner in a typical Portugal restaurant. Dish + dessert + wine : less than € 25 p.p.

3- A meal in a semi-gastro, including wine : € 35 min p.p.

4- A gastro, wines included: € 70 min p.p.

N.B: a good bottle of wine is around 16 € on the menu. In addition, please note that cutlery, bread and snacks on the table may be charged. This is not a scam, that’s the way it works in Portugal.

We love good food at ! And since we’re cool, we share with you an interesting list of restaurants in Lisbon !

Tips are not mandatory because it’s already included in the bill. The usual practice is to round up the bill (e.g : if the bill is 46 euros, give 50 euros). Tipping too much can be unpopular. Also avoid telling the Portuguese that life here is so cheap. Because for them… it’s not cheap.

Lisbon Restaurant Travel Guide

Other (well) useful information :

Mobile data :

No worries, if you have European sim card, roaming without extra charges works in Portugal, you can call us on whatsapp ;).

Withdrawing money :

Our advice is to always check with your bank what your withdrawal limit is. Beware of Euronet ATMs which charge you significant fees (it’s their income at the same time). Opt for the ATMs of Portuguese banks. And yes, it is very important to always carry cash with you, especially if you want to eat typical food…

Insecurity in Lisbon :

You have to be careful of pickpockets in tourist areas. We know their techniques.

Ignore also the drug dealers who harass you in the streets. They are scammers. Attacks on tourists can happen during festive hours, so don’t try to play smart with them. These problems are found in the areas of Cais do Sodre and Bica. Ignoring them is a guarantee of safety. And you will find that they never bother the Portuguese.

If you have a vehicle, you may come across arrumadores, junkies who will protect your car for a few euros. You have to be careful about this: read our special report on parking in Lisbon. On the road, watch out for driving in certain regions, especially in the Algarve.

Partying in the Bairro Alto district

is Lisboa card worth it ? Our opinion.

Like many European cities, the Lisbon Tourist Information center provides the Lisboa Card, an individual card that gives you access to a wide range of activities :

1- Free use of public transport in Lisbon (ferry, tram 28, funiculars, bus, metro) and trains to Cascais and Sintra. It also entitles you to a 25 % discount on the airport aerobus. Please also note that there are different means of transfer from the airport to Lisbon city centre.

2- Free entrance to a wide range of museums and monuments (28 in total) and variable discounts for others. Discover our selection of museums by clicking here.

3- Discounts for cultural events and restaurants.

In all honesty, the Lisboa Card won’t be profitable if you mainly intend to walk the streets. And everything is easily accessible on foot.

However, if you are interested in museums, it can quickly become an absolute must. I would even say that this card is worth considering if you are in Lisbon for a medium-term stay (> 3 days). Other good reasons : if it’s raining, if you have decided to devote a day to two for museums, especially those in Belém.

Lisboa cards are sold in 24-hour, 48-hour and 72-hour packs. You can consult prices here and book online very easily.

Lisbon Maat Museum, visit to the Belem district

And finally, we will give you a few tips on how to visit Lisbon in 3 days :

Our guided tours, the best in Lisbon ! (in all honesty)

Our fun activities for everyone :

Our best tips during your stay in Lisbon :

A question ? If you have the slightest doubt, feel free to consult our FAQ.

In the meantime, we wish you fruitful research to prepare your holiday in Lisbon !

Don’t forget that we are at your disposal to show you the city,

The VisitmyLisbon team

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Let's keep in touch :


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