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A holiday in Portugal under the sign of freedom.

Rent a camper van cheaper in Portugal with VisitmyLisbon !

Choosing a VW camper van in Portugal means choosing a nomadic life. This mythical van has been accompanying the "hippies in the soul" since the 1950s. Whether you're a surfer, an adventurer, a couple or a family, you'll love riding in this incredibly comfortable and well-equipped vehicle, so you won't miss anything on the road. No doubt there is an incredible story to tell with your loved ones... Bora ! as they say in Portuguese.

Why rent a VW camper van in Portugal ?

Portugal is a small country (3 times smaller than UK !) but it hides a splendid diversity of landscapes and soils. Taking the road in Portugal is a way to take in the sights in the space of a few days without having to travel hundreds of kilometres per step. This country is rich in history, heavenly beaches and unique natural areas.

And let’s not forget their wonderful cuisine, which is not the same whether you are inland or on the seafront, in the north or the south. Looking for inspiration ? Don’t hesitate to read our post on road trips in Portugal but also :

1- Our complete guide for the wines in Portugal to explore vineyards all over the country.

2- If Lisbon is your stopover, there are many places to discover around the Portuguese capital.

Rent a camper van for a road trip in Portugal

Your VW camper van : vintage or modern?

Our partner who rents these vans in Portugal is a great lover of VW camper vans. For a departure from Lisbon, he has 5 models of recent vans at your disposal (Camper and California models). For the vintage vans, the rental is only done in Faro for technical reasons (vintage vans do not support long road trips). Which version should you choose?

It all depends on your travel itinerary (if you want to cover the whole country, the modern version is better) and especially on the (Instagrammable) story you want to create. But what you need to remember:

1- Each van can accommodate up to 4 people (but 5 with 1 child).

2- The engines of the vintage VW camper vans are new. Recent vans are less than 3 years old.

3- Prices vary between €50 and €170 per night depending on the model and the season.

4- 24 hour Volkswagen assistance is included.

5- All vans are fully equipped and with care.

Equipment included for each VW camper van.

A 12V fridge to keep the beers cool.

A real fridge available on all van models (except for the VW Camper Beach model which is equipped with a thermo-electric cooler). Charges from a second battery.

A real kitchen for the meal.

Each VW camper van is equipped with a cooker with SMEV hobs (5kg gas bottle included). A sink and glass lid complete this quality kitchenette. Perfect for cooking seafood !

General kitchen equipment (we didn't forget the corkscrew).

2x cooking pots + 1x frying pan, 1x kettle, 1x salad bowl, 1x Italian coffee maker, 1x strainer, 1x complete set of cutlery and kitchen knives, 1x corkscrew and 1x can opener, 1x chopping board, glasses and cups, ceramic plates and bowls, 1x cheese grater, 1x tea towel.

Outdoor equipment for a bivouac shelter

1x aluminium folding table, 2x folding chairs, 1x extension cord, 1x rope + clothes pegs, 1x awning to be fixed on the side of the van (vintage vans only), 1x integrated roller blind (VW vans models California, Atlantic only), 1x rubber mat outside, 1x container for cleaning dishes, 1x sponge and washing-up liquid.

Equipment of the cosy nest

A complete set of clean bedding with cotton duvet and pillows, 1x extra blanket. For a family of 4 : there are 2 sleeping bags for the children. For the 5-person van, the extra child's bed costs €30.

The perfect nomad kit

Road maps and paper guides (campsites and activities), 1x "via verde" toll box included (15 euro activation fee if used). 1x travel diary (compilation of previous travellers' stories, good tips and favourites) that you can add to.

Ready to rent a van for a road trip in Portugal ? Get a quote in a few clicks and... save money !

Our partner is based in Lisbon and Faro. Operating since 1996, they are considered a pioneer in Portugal in the rental of VW camper vans, renowned for their reliability and comfort.

Their models are recent and their English-speaking customer service is outstanding. You can book blindly, the reviews are raving. Which is rare for a car rental company !

When paying directly on their website, take benefit of a 3% OFF with the code MONLISBONNE23 !

On their booking form, the quote is quick, clear and without ambiguity. And with Visitmylisbon, you save money ! Enjoy your trip to Portugal 🙂

VW camper van rental conditions

Minimum number of rental days according to the period of the year :

  1. Mid-January -> mid-February : 4 days of rental min
  2. March : 5 days of rental min
  3. April -> mid-July : 6 days of rental min
  4. Mid-July -> end of September : 8 days of rental min
  5. October : 6 days of rental min
  6. November -> early January : 5 days of rental min

Pick up between 2pm and 6pm. Return of the van before 11am. 7 days a week.

1- If you return the van after 11am, an extra day will be charged.

2- If you pick up the van after 6pm, a supplement of €50 is applied until 9pm, 70 € until 11pm.

The service will be paid directly to our partner. There are no booking fees or administration costs. A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking.

In case of cancellation of your trip, there is no refund but a credit note which can be used until the end of the following year (please inform us 48 hours before).

The deposit for a van depends on the insurance you take out. At the most, it will cost you 2000 €.

If the van is returned dirty, a cleaning fee of €50 may be applied.

Yes, if you take out additional insurance of €15 per day. Please note that if you plan a non-round trip, the cost will be a minimum of €150.

Can we drive in Spain ?

Our partner is based in Portugal. But since 2022, you can rent a VW camper van in Malaga allowing you to travel all over southern Spain. Cadiz, Seville, Granada. The mythical Andalusian cities are added to your memorable road trip.

You can book directly with them and always use the code MONLISBONNE23 to get 3% OFF at the time of payment.

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Rent a camper van for a road trip in Portugal

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Rent a camper van for a road trip in Portugal
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