Shopping in Lisbon city centre

Where to go shopping in Lisbon ?

During holidays, you deserve to treat yourself well. Not only do you get to bring back goods full of memories, but you also get some great deals !

For you shopaholics out there, I've rounded up the best shopping in Lisbon ! To spend well, nothing is better than some information. In this post, you will find my recommendations for shopping in Lisbon :

  1. Vintage frippery, local creations, kitschy souvenirs, gourmet specialties, all, as much as possible, local of course.
  2. I don't forget to mention the best local craftsmen although I have dedicated a post to them. I'm talking about stylish shops.
  3. Of course I list the big shopping centres.

Enjoy your reading!

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Window shopping, itinerary by Lisbon district...

Shopping in Graça

This popular district looks like a small village lost in the skies of the Portuguese capital. There are pastry shops, working class canteens... Nothing indicates that you will come across the most beautiful shop in Lisbon.

San Giorgio (men's custom suits)

San Giorgio is a historic art nouveau shop, famous for its men’s custom suits. By dressing at San Giogio, you can be a gentleman farmer in winter, a Capri dandy in summer. The store is one of the most beautiful in Lisbon and is a symbol of class and masculine elegance.

Since 1972, San Giorgio has been offering suits sewn in Lisbon, with fabrics supplied by the best Italian factories. Unique pieces, superior quality to the major international brands.

To welcome you, Senhor Joao, a native of Alfama, speaks perfect English. He is the soul of this shop. His culture on aesthetics and men’s fashion is unmatched in Lisbon. More than a service, an experience. If you love suits, if you simply love BEAUTIFUL, this shop is for you.

Open every day except Sunday from 10.30am to 7.30pm with a lunch break between 1pm and 3pm. On Saturdays, only open in the morning.

Principe Real, the best Lisbon shopping area for boutiques

This high-rise district was once the city's dumping ground. Today, it is a magnificent English garden, surrounded by mansions that have become concept stores for many. Principe Real is a chic and stylish shopping experience with niche brands and designers. 

Casa Pau-Brasil

A colourful concept store that smells of Brazilian coffee. Designed by Joana Astolfi (responsible for the Hermès window shop), Casa Pau-Brasil is a shop that pays tribute to Brazil, Portugal’s big sister. 500 square metres dedicated to the art, fashion and culture of South America’s largest country, with over 20 Brazilian brands.

Open every day from 10am to 7pm, except Sundays from 12pm to 6pm.


Embaixada is a place worthy of a museum. I love it. This neo-Arabic palace is an invitation to quality shopping where refinement is the key word. The shops are all showcases of Portugal. In this riad-like atmosphere, you will find an art exhibition, as well as two restaurants. Gin and Tonic lovers will be delighted.

Open every day from 12pm to 8pm, except Sundays from 12pm to 7pm.

What Else

What else is a tasteful shop with a wide range of original and creative products. It is perfect if you are looking for souvenirs, gifts or even unusual objects. Of course, ready-to-wear is not forgotten in this shop, which is well known to the inhabitants of Principe Real.

Open every day except Sunday.

Shopping in Bairro Alto

The Bairro Alto is more popular at night, but during the day it is a peaceful district where artists reign. In general, I advise you to follow the streets "Norte", "Loreto", "Gaveas" and "travessa de queimada" where the shops are concentrated.

Cork & Co

If Portugal is well known for anything other than cod, it is cork. Cork & Co is a concept store that offers only creations made from this natural material. Bags, chairs, accessories… everything on display is of high quality and with a sophisticated design. It has nothing to do with what you can see elsewhere in the city and that you should avoid. Long live cork !

Open every day.

Casa das Velas Loreto

Yes, you’re not hallucinating. Loreto has been making candles since 1789 ! And it’s still the same family behind the business. In the beginning, they limited themselves to making candles for the church. They started to get creative by making red candles for the Hungarian songwriter Frantz Liszt when he visited Lisbon in 1845. Admire their creations today ! And this shop that looks like something out of a Harry Potter book.

Open every day except Sunday.

Companhia Portugueza do Chá

Chá in Portuguese means tea. Portugal is the only country in Europe to use the term in Mandarin. It is directly linked to the Great Discoveries, the golden age of Portugal. Companhia Portugueza do Chá is a shop that reconnects with the Portuguese past and offers an amazing collection of teas. Tea lovers and purists will be delighted. Recently opened, Companhia Portugueza do Chá keeps the tradition of the old Portuguese merceries. And for that alone, it’s worth a look. It’s beautiful!

Open every day except Sunday.

Chiado, the main shopping district in Lisbon

Shopping in Lisbon without going to Chiado would be like going to Belem without tasting the famous pastel. Chiado is the bourgeois district above all else, where merchants wanted to turn this well-built neighbourhood into a little Paris of the south.


Tous is a Spanish jewellery brand. In 2012, it moved into the old shop of the Porto Aliança jeweller, opened in 1914. Everything has been preserved during the reahibilitation, which makes this address one of the most beautiful shops in Lisbon : you feel like you’re back in Versailles, under the reign of Louis XV. I often show it during my private tours of Lisbon !

Open every day.

Luvaria Ulisses

This Glove shop is timeless ! Since 1925, it has protected our hands better than any cream ! The neo-classical façade of Luvaria Ulisses sets the tone. Since its creation, it has always been the exclusive address for the Portuguese artistic and political elite. The quality of the leather and the artisanal production have made the Ulisses glove factory one of the most prestigious in the world. The expression « fit like a glove » fits their products perfectly.

Open every day except Sunday.

Take the time to discover the art nouveau jewellery shop next door, which is a real museum !

A Vida Portuguesa

A former journalist, Catarina Portas created the A Vida Portuguesa chain of shops with a simple objective : to support Portuguese companies by offering them a showcase. In an atmosphere of old shops from the 1950s, A Vida Portuguesa brings together all Portuguese know-how, from soaps to textiles and ceramics. All this in a shop arranged with unbeatable taste. Not to be missed!

Open every day.

Other shops not to be missed in Chiado :

Sapataria do Carmo. The Portuguese are famous for their leather goods. This shop is proof of that. A party ? A wedding ? You will be surprised by the quality of this place. Address: Largo do carmo 26

Paris em Lisboa. If you want to bring home top quality linens, this is your address. It was one of the favourite shops of the last queen of Portugal, Amélie d’Orléans. Address: Rua Garett 77.

Cerâmicas na Linha. THE address for those who want to buy cheap handmade ceramics in Lisbon. You pay by weight and you’ll get a great deal, believe me ! Address: Rua Capelo 16.

Shopping in Baixa

The Baixa (literally low) district, and in particular Augusta Street, is ideal for window shopping. It gathers all the international brands, but also some local shops that are worth a visit.


Pedemeia is a socks shop made in Portugal. This family business from Braga (northern Portugal) produces laughing, colourful and cute socks. Prices range from 1 to 8 euros per pair.

Open every day except Sunday.

Chapelaria Azevedo Rua

This hat shop, founded in 1886 by Azevedo Rua, has been in the Dom Pedro IV (Rossio) square for 5 generations! This makes the Chapelaria Azevedo Rua the oldest hat shop in Lisbon. Among its loyal customers is the very famous poet Fernando Pessoa. Inside, the wooden displays take us back in time. It is superb. The wide choice of hats, caps, berets and even walking sticks will make you fall in love with them ! For men and women.

Open every day except Sunday.

A Outra face da Lua

Lisbon is a paradise for those who love vintage shopping. Shops are everywhere and you can find what you are looking for by going to the flea market (feira da ladra) on Tuesdays and Saturdays. A Outra Face da Lua is a very charming thrift shop that also sells slow fashion clothes. The little extra : you can eat there !

Open every day except Sunday.

Manteigaria Silva

Oral tradition tells that Manteigaria Silva was founded in the year 1890. Manteigaria Silva originally sold only butter and its by-products (hence the name). At that time it was a rare and expensive product, mainly from the Azores. Today, the historic shop is one of the most prestigious delicatessens in the capital. If you want to organise an aperitif with friends, this is your address.

Open every day except Sunday.

Shopping in Alfama

Strolling through these narrow streets while listening to the sound of the Tram 28 in the distance is a moment to remember ! Take advantage of it during your wanderings.

Chi Coração

Chi Coração is first and foremost the story of a Portuguese family who made a living from the Burel wool trade in the 1980s. After buying up old textile machines that had been abandoned, the Santos family began producing 100% natural wool (Serra da Estrela) accessories and clothing. From the harvest of the wool to the finishing, all the transformation is done by this family of craftsmen.

Open every day. 

A Arta da Terra

Since 1996, this shop has been located in the former stable of the cathedral ! Handicrafts in an authentic place, the location is perfectly chosen. Arta da Terra has been promoting Portuguese handicrafts through the prism of its traditions for over two decades. Ceramics, embroidery, tiles, sculptures… everything is there to make it a museum of Portuguese culture, except that here you can buy these unique handicrafts.

Open every day.

Conserveira de Lisboa

The Conserveira de Lisboa is probably the most famous sardine canning shop in Lisbon. All the guidebooks recommend it. It is a must for Lisbon shopping. And a real trip back in time. The shop has not changed since 1988!

Note: All the other sardine shops (especially the one with your year of birth) have been created since the Lisbon tourism boom. Translation : they are there to rip you off.

Open every day except Sunday.

Colombo, El Corte Ingles, Amoreiras... Discover the Lisbon shopping malls !

Finally, for those who prefer large shopping centres, there is a wide choice. Armazens do Chiado, Oriente (Vasco de Gama shopping centre), etc... I have selected a few for you :

  1. El Corte Ingles is the best if you are looking for brands. - 10% for tourists (come with your passport)
  2. Colombo is a real AMERICAN-style mall for shopaholics! You will find all brands for all budgets.
  3. Freeport is the only shopping outlet in Lisbon and one of the biggest in Europe. It's the ideal place for brand name shopping at bargain prices. A shuttle bus picks you up from Marques de Pombal. Taking the official shuttle is convenient as each ticket offers considerable benefits for shopping. Click here to book your ticket for Freeport.

Happy shopping,

The VisitmyLisbon team

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