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Strolling every day in this amazing city of Lisbon, I am enriched by many exciting encounters. Curious like always, I discovered temples of creativity inhabited by inspiring people : the Lisbon craftmen !

They totally transmit the sense of craftsmanship : an art, artworks, a manual skill of ancient times.

In what follows, here are some of the Lisbon craftsmen that I would like to share with you because their professionalism, creativity and kindness have pleasantly surprised me. With their consent, I have decided to show you how exciting a craft can be. They followed their passion and they force my admiration.

The Lisbon craftsmen introduced here are not all Portuguese. However, I take this opportunity to bring them together for the love they feel for Lisbon and their work.

Tiago, the last craftsman potter

The backside on his saddle and the head in the stars make him an ingenious and wacky Lisbon craftsman.

With his 18 years of experience in ceramics, Tiago is a figure in the landscape of Lisbon craftsmanship. His work is impeccable and meticulous. His workshop is small and messy.

Tiago has merit and it is for him that I decided to make this page dedicated to Portuguese craftsmanship. Extremely popular with several craft shops, Tiago nevertheless takes a few orders which he honours in time, depending on the period, in one or three weeks. Except in the summer when you have to wait… Up to a year 🙂

What does it offer ? Different models of cups, teapots, plates, pots or even…… sardines or azulejos. The patterns are diverse, the colours vary according to the mood of the artist.

Tiago’s ceramics are to be discovered during our private tours in Lisbon !

Cristina, the azulejos queen

It is with extreme kindness that Cristina made us discover her art. A ceramist for more than 30 years, Cristina decided to open her own workshop in 2009 with a view to designing her own tiles from A to Z. In this way, she wishes to express her creativity and know-how with greater ease.

With this shop covered with handcrafted tiles, you will immerse yourself in an atmosphere so much like Lisbon. With her son, Cristina loves to share this cultural heritage which has been practiced for 12 years now.

It is with great care and precision that Cristina exercises her craft to produce made-to-measure azulejos, plates, tiles and objects made with the most talented craftsmanship in this workshop. Very creative, Cristina can answer your request while keeping the Portuguese tradition. Here, everything is handmade !

Interested in the world of azulejos ? During your stay in Lisbon, you can be introduced to this art during a 3-hour workshop with a professional artist.

Cristina is a brilliant ceramist from Lisbon

Cristina’s azulejos are to be discovered during our private tour in Lisbon !

Valérie and its luminous jewels

After 10 years spent in Chad, Valérie decided to transmit, through tailor-made jewellery made of gold and silver, a touch of the African culture that is so special to her. The colourful stones that make up her creations dazzle the horizon.

Valérie has been at LxFactory since 2015. Her workshop, open to the public, allows you to watch ao vivo the artistic talent of the jeweller.

Valérie’s creative power is to imagine the jewellery by directly manipulating the metal. It is art, nothing is prepared beforehand. Passionate, she manages to transmit her talent in magnificent timeless jewellery. From ancient style to Provençal art, you will be amazed by the character that each of her jewels has.

With her beautiful collection of rings, earrings and bracelets, you will certainly find what you are looking for !

Valeire lachuer is a talented jeweller at Lxfactory in lisbon
© Paula Franco @lisbonbylight

João, the éclair master

Owner of the famous pastry shop « l’éclair ». João and his friend Matthieu decided to import the know-how of French haute pâtisserie to Lisbon.

The very charming shop offers finesse in every detail. Come and rediscover the chocolate éclair of your childhood ! French pastry classics such as the Paris-Brest (our favourite) are revisited with a more sophisticated aestheticism.

Salty or sweet, surprising, original, but above all delicious flavours await you at Lisbon’s éclair. For the more adventurous, let yourself be tempted by a salmon éclair, you won’t be disappointed! An invitation to an temporary journey, certainly, but so sensual !

Joao master pastry chef at l'éclair lisbon

Acacio, the magic violin maker

The art of the violin maker is undoubtedly little known to the general public. Acacio will be delighted to help you discover the many facets of his craft. He is one of those who passionately perpetuates the art of shaping stringed instruments.

An ancestral know-how that is becoming rare nowadays. He has been a master in the making and repair of Portuguese guitars for a long time. Acacio is armed with patience and devotes himself each time to making each instrument a unique model.

He embellishes with his dexterity and creativity each handcrafted piece. It should not be forgotten either that the maestro possesses an incredible musical ear, essential for giving the instruments the perfect musical sensitivity.

As each instrument is different, a tailor-made care is given to it. You can be sure that your violin will fall into good hands.

Acacio is a renowned violin maker, a true Lisbon craftsman
© Goncalo F. Santos @thefatherofabel

Acacio’s melodies are to be listened to during our private tours in Lisbon !

Nathan, the king of flowers !

Our talented florist is Japanese and Brazilian. Freshly arrived in Lisbon, Nathan will warmly welcome you in the Kokuga workshop (visit by reservation). This talented craftsman is an expert in floral creations on demand. He is an expert in the art of harmonising flowers with branches and other natural elements.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, he has however always been immersed in Japanese culture. His mother gave him a taste for ikebana, or « the art of bringing flowers to life » in Japanese, as a kid. During a first trip to Tokyo in 2017, he decided to study this discipline to the full and it became a passion.

Nathan’s creations are out of the ordinary. They are minimalist at first glance. It is through his overflowing imagination that Nathan gives life to real artworks. Whether as an individual gift or for an event, each creation is made to measure according to the client’s profile.

Kokuga, nathan talented florist in Lisbon
© Goncalo F. Santos @thefatherofabel

Carlos, bookbinder-gilder of the Greats of this world

Carlos is one of Lisbon’s most renowned craftsmen. He began to learn the trade of bookbinder-gilder at the age of 13 with the master Diogo Noronha. After practicing bookbinding techniques for many years, Carlos opened his own workshop in Lisbon at the beginning of the 80s.

This craft, like the art of violin making, is in danger of disappearing. Passionate, Carlos is always delighted to share his craft when people come to visit him.

His passion ? To use his know-how to give a second life to your books. For a simple or luxurious binding, a gilding with fine gold or the restoration of old books, you can entrust your books to him with your eyes closed. Among his loyal customers ? Major Parisian booksellers, embassies, José Avillez, etc…

Carlos is a talentuous binder and gilder located in bairro alto, lisbon
© Lojas com Historia

Carlos’ bindings of the past are to be discovered during our private tours in Lisbon !

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