The Fado experience

Experiment a unique Fado night in Lisbon !

Through the "Fado Experience", I wanted to express all the passion I have for this music. The streets of Lisbon are steeped in its history. Close your eyes and the nightly laments will take you by storm. An exceptional, promising evening that will end in beauty !

Elliot, private local guide in Lisbon, Portugal

Elliot Schmeltz

Founder of and eternal fado lover

Origin of Fado in Lisbon

Fado is the soul of Lisbon, its traditional music par excellence. The origin remains unclear. It is said that Fado, inherited from the African blues, disembarked from ships from Brazil at the beginning of the 19th century. The fruit of multiple influences (Angolan, Gypsy, Alentejano, etc.), Fado is a languorous music, born in the underworld. Sung by prostitutes to attract fishermen on payday, this siren song later became the music of the Lisbon people.

In the lyrics, the fadists speak of their daily lives, their sorrows and their happy days. Fado thus appeals to the Portuguese philosophy of saudade, which can be translated as lack, a feeling of being lost. This state of mind can also be found in the Portuguese-speaking world. For example, the morna is Cape Verdean fado ! Cesária Évora is their Amalia Rodrigues ! Nowadays in Portugal, a new generation of artists have revived the music. The new queen is now called Mariza, see video opposite.

VisitmyLisbon offers you the top : the Fado Experience evening !

The Fado experience is an evening dedicated to all those who wish to discover a very high quality fado, in a magical setting. A one-on-one dinner with renowned Fado singers ! A unique moment that will remain forever engraved in your memories.

The experience begins at 7pm.

A VisitmyLisbon guide will take you on a tour of the neighbourhoods where Fado was born, and then you will go together to an exceptional Fado house with dinner included. You will be given a special welcome and, depending on the number of visitors, you will be able to enjoy a private setting.

Romantic dessert

At the stroke of 11pm, this is the icing on the cake. From a panoramic view, the guide will offer you the dessert (eclairs) with champagne !

End of the experience : midnight

I had a memorable evening with the first couple who agreed to play the game. William & Joana lived an unforgettable moment and the next day I learned that it ended in a marriage proposal. With a BIG YES !

The best Fado evening in Lisbon is guaranteed by the greatest Fado singers of the moment

The fado experience

Price per person & up to 3 people

Price per person &  between 4 to 6 people

Price from 6 people

Time slot

Private night with fado expert

Tour + dinner with fado + dessert with champagne

€ 150

per person

150 € p.p

120 € p.p

100 € p.p

19h-midnight (max)

Booking request free of charge. Do you have a question? If you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to consult our FAQ, as well as our general terms and conditions of sale.

Where to listen to Fado in Lisbon ?

Fado is a music that divides, you either like it or you don’t. It’s like with Port, that fortified wine that is poorly considered, which is adored when you go for a tasting in Lisbon. So, in order to appreciate the traditional music of fado to its true value, it’s best to find out about the greatest fado venues in Lisbon.

As a big fan myself, I’ve been to a lot of fado restaurants in Alfama, spending my Sunday nights in bars getting drunk on fado singers and string players. I always wanted to share this passion for Fado. That’s why I created the Fado experience, an exclusive evening around this music that is part of Lisbon’s DNA.

Want to follow in the footsteps of the fado during the day ? Our private tour will take you on a journey in the tracks of the first fadists between legend and romance.

The Fado experience, without a doubt the best night to listen to Fado in Lisbon with champagne

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