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Retired, working or students, more and more people are moving to Portugal. The country enjoys a very good reputation, thanks to a pleasant climate (260 days of sunshine for Lisbon and 300 for the Algarve in the south), good infrastructures and a rich cultural life. Not to mention the cost of living which, even in Lisbon, is still lower than in other western European capitals.

Living in Portugal is easy as long as you fulfil a few conditions.

Nice as I am, let me introduce them to you.

First of all, European Union citizens can enter and work in Portugal freely, provided they can show a valid identity card or passport. For a stay of more than 3 months, it is important to register at the town hall of your residence and then apply for registration with the Portuguese healthcare system. For UK citizens, please read the guidance here

If you are willing to work in Portugal, feel free to read our special page Work in Portugal.

To drive in Portugal, your country’s driving licence is valid, but if you plan to stay in Portugal for a while, you will need to report this to the local office of the IMTT (Instituto para a Mobilidade e Transportes Terrestes) within 60 days of your arrival. These documents must be brought with you :

1- certificate of residence (issued by the City Hall (Câmara Municipal)).
2- form 13 IMT
3- photocopy of driving licence (and original)
4- ID

Finding accommodation in Lisbon is not easy and is not suitable for all types of people

Finding medium or long term accommodation in Portugal

You might as well be warned that in a country where nearly 75% of the population own their own home, rental accommodation is becoming scarce. Demand is greater than offer, especially in Lisbon, which is a very trendy city for digital nomads.

Finding a place to live in Lisbon is becoming more and more complicated. Unless, of course, you knock on the right door !

As far as prices in Lisbon are concerned, prices have soared. Even if a decrease is expected after the coronavirus crisis, prices will remain high. For a furnished room, count between € 400 and € 600 per month, depending on location and standing. For a furnished studio or 2-room apartment in the centre of Lisbon, prices vary from € 700 to € 1200, depending on the location and the equipment on offer.

Fortunately, there are websites where you can find the ideal place to stay in Portugal.

Search flat or studio or room in Lisbon city centre

Spotahome, the easiest way to find a room in Lisbon.

Spotahome is a Spanish company specialising in student accommodation throughout Europe. It is a bit like the « Airbnb » of student housing. Unlike other competitors (such as Uniplaces or Housing Anywhere), Spotahome sends its ambassadors to check out each accommodation !

Present in the main student cities (Lisbon, Porto), Spotahome proves to be the solution to the problem faced by all international students : finding the ideal accommodation, the one that will welcome them for the whole period of their internship or Erasmus semester.

All the flats offered by Spotahome are personally checked and all the information is detailed so that you have no doubts. With just one click, your room is booked.

With the voucher code VISITMYLISBON15, get a 15% discount on the tenant fee when you book an accommodation on the website SPOTAHOME !

With 4.5/5 on Truspilot, Spotahome offers a quality service for those looking for security of housing. Not satisfied ? You will have 24 hours to cancel your reservation once you arrive and Spotahome will relocate you to the hotel while you find new accommodation.

Facebook : the largest housing market in Portugal

Although the Portuguese often use the Idealista website to both rent and buy property in Lisbon, Facebook is nevertheless quite a force to be reckoned with when it comes to advertisements. You only have to go to Facebook Market Place to see this.

As far as renting rooms or even flats is concerned, there are a myriad of ads on different social groups. Among them :

  1. Rooms to rent in Lisbon
  2. Casas e apartamentos para arrendar em Lisboa
  3. Apartments and rooms in Lisbon – flat sharing
  4. Houses/Rooms to rent in Portugal // Casas/Quartos para arrendar em Portugal
  5. Apartments & Rooms for Rent – Greater Lisbon
  6. Lisbon flatmates/ flats/rooms for rent

Our last piece of advice:  if you don’t like the accommodation once you get there, learn Portuguese and talk to the local elders. They often have contacts to help you find accommodation at a fair price.

Looking for a flat or room to stay in Lisbon

Portugal is a pleasant country, with a good infrastructure and a rather affordable standard of living (housing excluded). These are all good reasons why more and more people are moving there every year !

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

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