Street art in Lisbon

Where to find street art in Lisbon ?

In this post, you will find the answers to several questions :

  1. Street-art workshop : with whom to make a street art mural ? Or simply a street art tour ?
  2. Where are the most beautiful street art murals in Lisbon ?
  3. Who are the most active street artists in Lisbon ?
  4. Where to buy street-art in Lisbon ? 

Lisbon, a source of inspiration for street artists.

I am not mistaken if I write that today, many big names in street art have passed through Lisbon to soak up this creative atmosphere. Among them, we find Blu, Os Gemeos, Shepard Fairey, C215, Mr Chat, Erica il Cane, Sam 3, PichiAvo, etc... For the moment, Banksy has not yet come to Lisbon.

And for the locals who play at home without necessarily being born there : Vhils, Bordalo II, Utopia, Márcia Bahia, Andrea Tarli, Aka Corleone, Odeith, Nomen, Mar, RAM, Smile, Hium, Styler, Mariana Dias Coutinho, Tamara Alves, J de Montaigne, Youthone, etc...

The murals created by local artists are massive. We often discover them together during our tailor-made private tours. If you are a budding artist and would like to get your hands dirty (or sprayed, if I may say so), discover our street-art workshop !

Better than a street art tour in Lisbon ? Do it yourself with our street art workshop !

Doing street art legally in Lisbon ? Yes, it is possible ! A street art workshop with a professional artist allows you to leave your artist touch while discovering an extremely fun creative discipline.

The VisitmyLisbon team proposes you to realize, during more or less two hours, a street art mural !

Our objective is simple : to allow you to have fun and understand at the same time the techniques of graffiti.

For a team-building, a private tour or during a paper chase, you will create a graffiti, a drawing or a crew name. The main idea is to make you discover the important steps of making a drawing.

A street art workshop allows you to realize the complexity that lies in the accuracy and combination of certain skills. 

Street art workshop in Lisbon with professional artist
« Just a quick note to tell you how much we loved our street art workshop with Pavel. It was a fantastic time. Thanks again to him who was very helpful and let us do a lot of things. He managed to make us feel super strong in street art ! « 
Elisabeth N – 27/10/2020

Looking for a Lisbon street-art walking tour ? We have something for you.

Our Lisbon tours are completely private and tailor-made. For your teenage graffiti fans, it’s just perfect ! Our guide will take you through the unusual Lisbon, where works of art can be found at every corner.

To make the kids happy, we even have a surprise in store for them… They can test their artistic skills !

There is no specific street art district in Lisbon, there are many ones !

Street art guide : where to see the best street art in Lisbon ?


Amadora (giant wall murals by Odeith)

The "Amoreiras Wall of fame"

Bairro Alto

Cais do Sodre

Street art in Graça

Graça Hill is a real source of inspiration for street art artists. Don’t miss the stairs of Caracol da Graça, whose walls are entirely covered with fantastic works by the Yes, You can spray collective

Marvila is the main Lisbon street art district for large murals

Street art in Mouraria is the most famous in Lisbon

Vhils, Bordalo... History and style of Lisbon's greatest street artists

Flop, wild, realistic, relief... Who is doing what in terms of graffiti in Lisbon ? We'll talk about some local artists (not necessarily Portuguese) according to their notoriety, from the most known... to the next stars !

I'll start with the two most famous street artists but who don't paint : Vhils and Bordalo II.

1- Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, is always cutting, smashing, surgically exploding walls and polystyrene posters. He creates portraits of people, sometimes famous, sometimes anonymous. His credo is to remove in order to better reveal !

Today he is at the forefront of the Lisbon street art scene, since he is known worldwide. His workshops are now located in Barreiro, on the other side of the river, a city that we love.

Vhils, world-famous Lisbon street-art artist
© Inês Gonçalves

2- Artur Bordalo, aka Bordalo II (his grandfather was also an artist), was once my neighbour. He started his career with simple graffiti before perfecting his skills in relief and third dimension.

I like to call him the green artist of Lisbon. His credos are ecological awareness and the animal cause. He reuses everything he can find as waste to create animals, sometimes in anamorphosis. His artistic dialogue is known worldwide and is popular. It is therefore not uncommon to come across his work when you visit Lisbon with us.

Bordalo II, street-art artist in Lisbon, famous for his works made from waste.
© Rodrigo Antunes

Our 4 other favourite artists from Lisbon :

Legal walls for street art in Lisbon

Lisbon is full of corners. While it is easy to do street art as it was originally done, in vandal mode, it is better to be careful and respect the rules. Any act of vandalism is severely punished!

Today, frescoes and street art in the broad sense are so fashionable that the Lisbon City Council has found it interesting. It supports graffiti in Lisbon's outlying areas and attracts visitors who are passionate about street art.

However, the amount of money to subsidise these works is only 1% of the total budget to clean up the wild street art. If you get caught, it can be a very big deal (up to €10,000)!

So, if you feel you have the soul of an artist but don't want to take the risk, contact us to make street art legally.

Where to buy street art in Lisbon ?

Lisbon has few art galleries specialising in street art.

Nevertheless, we suggest you two places that should satisfy you:

1- The Underdogs art gallery owned by Vhils and which gathers the most important street-art artists of Lisbon. The exhibitions are fantastic.

2- Dedicated Lisboa which sells material for the artists but also exclusive prints.

Book a private street art workshop in 2 steps :

Street Art workshop

Number of people :

For more than 18 people, please contact us directly.

Select the tour/workshop you would like :

Private street art tour (EN) - 3h/3h30

Flat rate (1-2 pax) for 3h: 125,00 €

You'll stroll through the legendary districts of Mouraria, Arroios and Graça. The itinerary will introduce you to a variety of graffiti, mainly the work of Lisbon artists such as Ozearv, Bordalo II, Vhils, PichiAvo, etc. This is a 100% walking private tour with an experienced guide. Flat rate for 1 to 2 personnes : €125. €50 per person from 3 participants.

Private street art tour + workshop (EN) - 4h/4h30

Flat rate (1-2 pax) for 4h: 215,00 €

You'll stroll through the legendary districts of Mouraria, Arroios and Graça. The itinerary will introduce you to a variety of graffiti, mainly the work of Lisbon artists such as Ozearv, Bordalo II, Vhils, PichiAvo, etc. This is a 100% walking private tour with an experienced guide. The guide will then conclude the tour with a workshop where we will teach you the technique of street art before moving on to practice. Flat rate for 1 to 3 people: €215. €80 per person for 4 or more people. €75 per person for 10 or more people.

Private workshop street art (EN) - 2h

Flat rate (1-2 pax) for 2h: 185,00 €

The best way to understand street art and its technics is to get your hands on a spray can! The workshop begins with a short theoretical introduction exploring different styles and symbols. Each participant will be guided by one of our talented street artists. We'll also provide you with a dose of inspiration (a shot of ginjinha) for those who need it ; ). In the end, you'll create a superb collective masterpiece! Flat rate for 1 to 3 people: €185. €50 per person for 4 or more participants. In case of rain, an extra of €75 will be applied.

"Less talk, more walk " private street art tour (EN) - 3h

Flat rate (1-2 pax) for 3h: 125,00 €

This street art tour is for keen walkers. "Less talk, more walk". The guides take you outside the historic centre into working-class neighbourhoods where you'll encounter the great murals in particular. Flat rate for 1 to 2 people: €125. €50 per person from 3 people.

Total cost of the workshop/tour :

Booking request free of charge. Do you have a question? If you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to consult our FAQ, as well as our general terms and conditions of sale.

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