Food walking street tour in Lisbon, across the river Tagus

What to do in Almada, facing Lisbon ?

Visiting the other side of the Tagus is a great idea for a walk. It is impossible to miss it from the heights of the Lisbon viewpoints, bathed by the sunsets. The most attentive will see it from the portholes when landing in Lisbon. I'm talking about the bridge of April 25th, which has spanned the Tagus since 1966 and which seems to have been teleported straight from San Francisco. It is dominated by the Cristo-Rei, this Portuguese Corcovado erected during the post-war period. There, it is no longer Lisbon, but "margem-sul", and more precisely the city of Almada. The other side of the bank intrigues us as it can leave us indifferent. But with a food tour, it's a different story...

Rossana, private local guide in Lisbon, Portugal


Guide at, for the food walking tour

The interest in visiting the other side of Lisbon is only Cristo-Rei and Caparica. Nope ! So, what to see in Cacilhas ?

Before boarding one of the many river ferries, you may have wondered what to see in Cacilhas ?

Once ashore, you will discover a real Portuguese village, a very authentic atmosphere where a few anglers take root on the quays. You can enjoy a meal on site at the excellent seafood restaurant Farol de Cacilhas. Many visitors will go along the quays to dine at the very famous Ponto Final. It is the perfect place for a sunset over the Tagus.

But for many, Cacilhas is just a bus terminal to visit the shrine of Cristo-Rei, Christ-King in English. It is of course a great idea for an outing. A short round trip by bus and then off you go. If you glance at some information, you will even learn that there are some buses that take you to the beaches of Costa da Caparica.

At VisitmyLisbon, however, we are used to pushing doors that you would never suspect. We were captivated by Almada. On the other side of the Tagus, we are offered a mirror of Lisbon where the history of the city continues.

Christ the King or Cristo Rei is an emblematic monument of Lisbon that can be visited

In Almada & Cacilhas, discover an epic food walking tour made by our guide Rossana.

We offer you an intimate, gourmet, enriching and completely new walk !

From the quays of Cacilhas, Rossana will take you on a journey through the maritime past of the Tagus, telling you rich and fascinating anecdotes. From the tragic ruins of the Ginjal docks, unique views of Lisbon will open up to you, far from the tourist trails.

This beautiful walk will be punctuated by 3 Portuguese gastronomic breaks: 1 sweet and 2 salty. Be careful, they are generous ! All your senses will be put to work !

This 4-hour tour is also aimed at all those who are looking for an unusual, alternative walk and who are motivated by the desire to learn about Lisbon’s contemporary history, that of the last century. Put on the uniform of a Royal Navy officer, observe the art of cuttlefish fishing, draw lines to build a trawler…then rest under the century-old trees of a Baroque palace! This gastronomic tour will be the perfect end to your stay in Lisbon.

Still not convinced ? The most beautiful view of Lisbon is probably the other side of the Tagus River…

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How to cross the river Tagus ? Choose the ferry Lisbon - Cacilhas !

When it is in front of us, the majestic bridge of April 25th is an invitation to travel. If you can see it up close with the Pilar 7 attraction, it is unfortunately not possible to cross the 25 April Bridge on foot. So what are the solutions for crossing the river Tagus ?

1- By vehicle of course. If you are on a scooter, you need a minimum of 125cc. Uber or Bolt work on the other bank.

2- By public transport : bus or train but this is not necessarily the most practical way to reach the interesting places to visit.

3- Finally, by ferry.

For us, the most practical solution if you wish to reach and visit the southern shore is to opt for the ferry that connects Lisbon to the fishing port of Cacilhas. Go to the Cais do Sodre river terminal. For boarding, all you need is the zapping card you use for any urban transport in Lisbon.

There are many regular timetables between Cacilhas and Lisbon.

Driving on the 25th of April bridge is only possible by car or scooter min 125 cc

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