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Where to surf in Lisbon ? Check out the best surf school lessons near Lisbon !

Taking surf lessons during a weekend in Lisbon is an original, fun and friendly idea for a hen & stag do, a corporate team-building event. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, the waves of Lisbon will make everyone happy. There's no better activity in Lisbon to have thrills !

Can you surf in Lisbon ? Of course ! You can learn to surf near Lisbon and try all the surf breaks ! There is no lack of beaches here 🙂

When they land in Portugal, the surfers head for the mythical spots of Ericeira, Péniche, Nazaré. They tend to avoid the capital city because of the masses of tourists on the beaches, the intensity of road traffic, simply because the cost of living is very expensive, especially for accommodation.

They then miss the opportunity of an incredible travel experience !

Lisbon is a jewel of Europe, an exotic city where Art, great History and a myriad of cultures blend together to create atypical cultural characteristics. In Lisbon you can almost surf all year round (April to November is the best period) because the winter is mild and the air during the summer is not stifling. Within easy reach by train or on the other side of the river Tagus, there is always a beach near Lisbon where it is good to surf the wave :

On the southern shore, the Caparica coast offers magnificent beaches for 30 km. Some spots are not very crowded, even very peaceful.

On the Lisbon side, the beaches between Estoril and Carcavelos are protected from the north-west winds and are very pleasant. This very busy coast offers a landscape of coves, sandy beaches and reefs suitable for surfing for those who know how to scout.

For a video preview of these beaches, watch our promotional clip!

Check out our Lisbon surf map with the main surf beaches.

From Cais do Sodre station you have a train that takes you directly to the different spots between Estoril and Bélem.

The surf spots on the Costa da Caparica are a little more difficult to access, so we recommend a car rental for more convenience (beware of theft).

Click to check the surf forecast in Lisbon (good from 3 stars upwards).

Sao Joao da Caparica

Lagoa de Albufeira


Sao Pedro & Bafureira

Praia da Poça


The most famous spot near Lisbon : Carcavelos surf beach

It is the best known surfing beach in the Lisbon area as it is also the closest to the capital. Overlooked by the Sao Julião fortress, the beach is a popular weekend spot for Lisbonians, and more generally for expats and tourists. At sunset, it is nice to have a drink from the many lively beach bars.

Carcavelos offers waves all year round. The best times are when we have a swell coming from the southwest and an onshore wind. It is a perfect spot for all levels and is reminiscent of the waves of Hossegor (fast and hollow). You can see it for yourself with the webcam of Carcavelos.

A private surf lesson in Lisbon ? Yes, it's possible with Henrique!

Why booking for a private surf lesson in Lisbon is undoubtedly the best way to make progress!

1- Surf lessons at your own pace and adapted to your level.
2- We’ll pick you up in a van in Lisbon.
3- A private lesson means we can offer you the best surf spots in Lisbon, depending on your level and the best weather conditions.
4- We’ll provide you with all the equipment and a English-speaking instructor!

From €55 per person. Click on « Book now » to calculate your quote.

Get a surf private lesson in Lisbon with

A surfing spot for experienced (or reckless) surfers : Guincho

Situated between Cascais & Sintra, 45 minutes drive from Lisbon, Guincho is one of the best beaches in the region. With a length of 1 km, Guincho is a pleasant and soft spot during the summer, rough and striking during the other seasons. If you get the right swell, you can have straight waves. As it is a very windy spot, you will share the beach in the evening with the kite-surfers.

During the summer, Guincho is at its best because the best swells are there. Some surf schools are present for lessons and equipment. Finally, don’t hesitate to enjoy the sunset while sipping a good imperial at the Bar do Guincho. In the meantime, you can take a look at it via the webcam on the beach.

Click to check the surf forecast in Guincho (good from 3 stars upwards).

Rent a surfboard in Lisbon

Surf hire in Lisbon is ideal if you’ve just arrived in Portugal without your surf equipment, and that’s what you’ve come for!

These days, you can hire a surfboard or surf equipment in Lisbon for half a day or the whole day. From softboards to high-performance surfboards, the choice is there!

For surfing beginners, softboards come in a range of sizes: from 5’10 to 9’0.

For intermediate surfers, we offer epoxy or hybrid boards in sizes ranging from 5’10 to 10’2.

Finally, for those looking for high-performance surfboards in Lisbon, sizes range from 5’2 to 7’2. 

Board hire includes wetsuit and leash. Click on « book now » to calculate your quote.

hire a surf board for your surf trip in lisbon

Surf at Costa da Caparica (one of the best surf spots south of Lisbon)

Costa da Caparica is a 30 km long beach with several piers, starting from the Tagus estuary. The beach enjoys a swell all year round with an onshore wind coming from the east. Costa da Caparica offers waves that break either to the right or to the left. So you have different options on these 30 km. The best waves are to the north because there the sand accumulates on the piers. The webcam of Costa da Caparica proves it.

A little further on you will find Lagoa de Albufeira. Located 20 km from Costa da Caparica, this lagoon is a wide strip of sand very exposed to swells and therefore we have waves all year round. Straight waves that can reach up to 3 metres in height. It is also the best spot for kite-surfing.

If you like huge beaches with several types of waves, Albufeira is perfect. The place is beautiful and it’s simply a paradise to relax between two surfing sessions.

Click to check the surf forecast in Costa da Caparica (good from 3 stars upwards).

Be as close as possible to the waves while spending your holiday with a surf van rental in Lisbon !

To be the first on the waves, nothing beats a surf van to ride the best spots in Lisbon. Wild camping is illegal in Portugal and of course you can be fined. But it is a very common practice, especially among surfers. It gives you adrenaline and above all a great experience of life. All in all, this is what you are looking for when you decide to travel to Portugal. A not insignificant detail : in addition to the surf van rental, we also offer you the rental of a board/bodyboard/paddle and a surf wetsuit. From €50 per night only !

Other surf beaches near Lisbon between Estoril & Belem

Praia da Poça : located 20 km from Lisbon and accessible by train, Poça is a reef spot known for its large southwest swells. The wave here is heavy and it is best to go there at mid-tide. Nicknamed the Portuguese mini « Teahupoo », Poca beach is for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Sao Pedro : this is a point break which offers good waves, even excellent when the conditions are right. The locals go there when the swells come from the south-west but surfing is also possible with swells from the north-west. It is very relaxing to come and surf in Sao Pedro and when the tide is rising, the surf session can last a long time. Not to be neglected : Sao Pedro offers waves for beginners.

The other spot near Sao Pedro: Bafureira. The best waves on the Estoril side ! Bafureira is a large reef beach that works almost all year round. The best time to surf in Bafureira is during mid tide when you have straight waves. If the right conditions are there, you won’t be disappointed by this spot.


The best surf spots in Portugal and Lisbon on Estoril, Carcavelos or Caparica

The perfect surf day in Lisbon!

Don’t come back by car or train, opt for a return trip on a private sailing boat (or even a catamaran) ! This offer is only valid for surf sessions at Carcavelos scheduled in the morning.

Go to our Lisbon boat tour page! When you launch the quote simulation, select the ‘Oeiras departure’ option, as this is the closest marina to Carcavelos beach !

Boat trip on the Tagus River in Lisbon by sailboat or catamaran during sunset

Book the surf lesson in 2 steps :

A few points of clarification :

1- Our surf lesson in Lisbon includes the equipment (wetsuit in particular).

2- Time schedules cannot be determined in advance due to weather conditions. We can give you a week's notice. So leave yourself some flexibility when planning your trip. And if you choose the morning, avoid the morning hangover 🙂

3- Guincho beach is a rather suitable beach for the summer season. And that depends on many conditions.

4- Payment is 100% in advance either by bank transfer or credit card (but with a 2% transaction fee). Equipment rental is paid for on site in cash.

Surf lessons in Lisbon

Number of participants - max 18 people.

For more than 18 people, please contact us directly.

Select the activity you require :

Select your level :

Rental period :

Please indicate your accommodation in Lisbon for the transfers included :

After payment, you will be contacted by the surf school to arrange your departure time.

Total cost of the activity :

Booking request free of charge. Do you have a question? If you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to consult our FAQ, as well as our general terms and conditions of sale.

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