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Ready for Erasmus ? Here I help you to grasp the difficulties

Erasmus student accommodation in Lisbon : what are the rooms price ?

Unfortunately, prices have skyrocketed since my arrival in 2013. If at the time we could find something decent for € 200, today it’s (almost) impossible. The price of a room in Lisbon, furnished with internet and relatively well located, can be found at € 350. It’s max € 500 (including charges and cleaning). BUT IT’S A SNAKE and the landlords take advantage of your unfamiliarity with the market !

It is therefore not easy to find erasmus accommodation in Lisbon, furnished and in the centre. Associations often manage their own flats, (that’s how they improve their income in addition to the evenings) except for ESN, which directly offers private flats.

They always have several offers and help you with Portuguese.

An excellent site is also Spotahome. You are sure of the quality thanks to the photos taken by their team.

With the voucher code VISITMYLISBON15, get a 15% discount on the tenant fee when you book an accommodation on the website SPOTAHOME !

Finally, you can consult my post on accommodation. There you will find more information.

There you have it, you can spend Erasmus in Lisbon in a cocoon 🙂

perfect student room found online in lisbon on trusted and secure sites.

Do you want your Erasmus card ? Check the Eramus organisations in Lisbon

A little before your arrival, you do some research and surprise : several organisations are fighting to take care of you. And yes, you represent a real breadwinner (for some).

1- Erasmus Lisboa.
2- Erasmus Organization Lisboa.
3- Erasmus Life Lisboa.
4- ESN Lisboa.

Yes, you read that right : a breadwinner. So to party, go on excursions… these four organisations above offer you the chance to join their service.

The only one that is really an association for me is ESN. They are European and work with volunteers… You’ll understand that the others don’t necessarily have the same objective as these last ones. They generate quite a lot of cash and their non-profit status allows them, at the end of the year, to collect a small pile of euros.

groups of festive erasmus students enjoying erasmus parties in lisbon

Erasmus jobs in Lisbon

And why not work while you study ? If you come from an EU country, no one is going to stop you. And between us, Erasmus is pretty quiet, isn't it? Plus it will allow you to get to know other people... And the network is crucial (I emphasize this because the pay is very low). Go on, get to work and make friends !

Two options are available to you :

1- Working under the table 🙂 so no special steps or advice. Check out youth hostels, bars, restaurants, hairdressers... In short, everything is good for meeting other people.

2- Work within the rules and there are some steps to follow :

-> Become an official resident thanks to a rental contract, gas or electricity bill... if you rent a room, two people or commercial entities (shops, companies...) must sign (and stamp) a document issued by the "Junta de Freguesia" (a local entity of the municipality such as the district council).

-> Go to the "Loja do Cidadao" with all your papers (residence, passport...) :

A. Go there early (after 11:00 am, no more tickets available) and take 2 tickets (senha) one for the Finanças and one for the segurança social.

B. At the Finanças ask for a NIF, a tax identification number.

C. To the segurança social ask for a NISS (social security number).

D. Open a bank account.

Everything is ok, you can legally apply for any job once you have all these documents in hand 🙂 

A more specific question ? Ask me for advice !

An erasmus student happy to live in Lisbon and looking for new experiences

Chill out tours for Erasmus people in Lisbon

Lost or just curious ? Visit Lisbon !

Find some friends and I'll give you a great price : € 10 per person with min 5 people for a 4h tour. Then, we can eat all together in a typical and cheap restaurant.

Why only € 10 ? To reward your curiosity about the city where you study. It deserves it, feel free to ask me or check out my tours.

See you soon and have a good erasmus semester(s) in Lisbon... A city that you will LOVE ! In the meantime, in video, here is a foretaste of what awaits you :

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