Study in Portugal

Why study abroad in Portugal ?

Study in Portugal for international students :

Every year, more than 21,000 international students choose to study in Portugal.

Whether it is for its relaxed atmosphere, its warm welcome, its advantageous standard of living or simply to perfect the language that is the 9th most spoken in the world, an erasmus year in Lisbon is the guarantee of spending an exceptional year, rich in encounters and discoveries, in addition to enriching one’s resume with a new experience.

The most popular cities for students are Lisbon and Porto, both of which stand out in economics and medicine. Coimbra, the oldest university in the country (and indeed in Europe !), attracts students in law, literature and management. With 14 public universities and many public schools, the student offer is rich, and thanks to the standardisation of European curricula, more and more courses are accessible to international students, even non-Lusophone ones.

But as long as you are on Erasmus in Lisbon, I strongly advise you to take advantage of it to learn Portuguese for free, for example by hanging out with more Portuguese students than French speakers!

Young erasmus student exploring the unusual streets of bairro alto and bica

Accommodation while studying in Portugal

Student life in Portugal can be lived to the full ! Think about sharing a flat.

Whether it’s for an erasmus or an internship in Lisbon, life will be sweeter than in most other European capitals. It is possible to live well on a budget of between €800 and €1000 per month.

The accommodation budget is between €350 and €450, with a little more depending on whether the accommodation is centrally located or not.
Sharing a flat is a very popular system in Portugal, as it often allows you to make contacts with students from different backgrounds. A bit like the Spanish inn, but in Lisbon!

On my post finding accommodation in Portugal, you will discover the different options for accommodation in the country.

To find a medium or long term student accommodation, I recommend the Spotahome website. It is a global platform dedicated to student accommodation, with offers for all types of budgets and all types of students.

With the voucher code VISITMYLISBON15, get a 15% discount on the tenant fee when you book an accommodation on the website SPOTAHOME !

Student accommodation in Lisbon is difficult to find from abroad. But there are solutions.

Working or finding an internship in Lisbon

Most jobs available to foreign students are in the tourism and services. It is often necessary to speak Portuguese, although it is possible to find a job in Lisbon, in the hotel industry for example, with a good level of English. Word of mouth is a good way to find a job. You’re going to tell me that it’s difficult when you don’t know anyone ? Well, don’t hesitate to ask your teachers, other students, or even your landlord, all of whom will be able to give you the right plan to help you find what you need.

However, you should know that you will not make a fortune in Portugal with a small student job : with a minimum monthly salary of €635 (in 2020), it will be more of an opportunity to make ends meet and to immerse yourself in the heart of Portuguese culture ! Which is not so bad after all.

If I have succeeded in motivating you, do you know the steps to work in Portugal ?

Use your free time, meet people, go out and work.

With a mild climate and proximity to the sea, a vibrant cultural life and plenty of opportunities to party, your student life in Portugal promises to be crazy !

Happy studies,


young portuguese student working part-time in lisbon during her studies

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