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A seminar in Lisbon ? Why not...

If you want to stand out for your seminar in Lisbon, you are on the right page. Because in addition to being well informed, you have found your future event planner in Lisbon ! Since our creation, we have organised 100 seminars for 10 to 300 people, from 1 to 4 days. These companies have already called on us to organise their corporate event in Lisbon :

The main reasons to organise a seminar in Lisbon.

Corporate events in Lisbon are becoming more and more frequent. It must be said that all the conditions are there. Here are some of the reasons why Lisbon is the destination of choice for your team-building :

  1. A capital city with all the necessary infrastructures in terms of hotels and meeting rooms, event venues from the most sober to the most offbeat.
  2. Various team-building activities in Lisbon. With nature only 30 minutes away, the many sports and relaxation activities are certainly the most varied that a capital city can offer.
  3. Portuguese gastronomy may be fine, but it is above all a hearty cuisine. It is therefore suitable for both gourmands and gourmets ! Quality and quantity are often the order of the day.
  4. Low prices for top quality. A client once told me that the cost of a seminar in Lisbon was cheaper than in France. I was not able to verify this, but if he went through our services, he found the best value for money.

A perfect corporate event organisation.

So we agree, everything is in place to have a good time... But how do you guarantee it ? How can you be sure that everyone will have a great time during your seminar, which will most likely take place in Lisbon or the surrounding area ? Will there be variety and out-of-the-ordinary ?

That's when we are usually consulted. takes care of the organisation of your event in Lisbon from A to Z !

First step : choose the right hotel for the seminar in Lisbon.

Every year, the hotel offer in Lisbon increases and gets more and more attractive. The Portuguese capital offers us a wide variety of luxury hotels in Lisbon downtown, from 4 to 5 stars.

At VisitmyLisbon, we work with partners who offer an excellent quality of services.

Before making a proposal that fits your budget, we try to create a tailor-made offer.

Together we study your needs (meeting room, spa, etc...), the profile of the group, the state of mind and the theme of the team-building in Lisbon.

If by any chance you were looking for a palace a bit out of town (Cascais, Setubal, Sintra), we were curious enough to go and have a look around.

>Here are some pictures of the portfolio of the hotels we have good deals with :

Some examples of fully equipped meeting rooms for your seminar in Lisbon can also help to illustrate your next working days :

Important points :

  1. When your group is large (> 50 people), decisions should be made at least 6 months in advance. Popular months are May, June, September, October and early November.
  2. The capacity of hotels in Lisbon old town is limited for very large groups (> 80 people). Transfers are therefore required for activities and catering.
  3. If the hotel for your corporate event in Lisbon does not have meeting rooms, we have possibilities to rent meeting rooms. Our only desire is to achieve your wishes and if possible to surpass them.

Second step : choose great team-building activities in Lisbon.

If organising a team-building in Lisbon seems obvious, you have to know how to furnish it with really good activities. And often... they lack pizzazz.

To satisfy you, we rely on the diversity that Lisbon offers. Specialised in private tours, we offer a varied package adapted to your needs. After a first contact, we select together the team-building activities that correspond to you : quiet, lively, participative, interactive...

As event planner in Lisbon, we are always on the lookout for new experiences. Changes here are frenetic and this is really our strong point.

Discover in pictures what we can offer you :

Third step : organise the parties, find the event catering.

There is no shortage of good places in Lisbon. As with the hotel, the choice of catering is important. It is an expression of how much attention the company pays to its employees.

For lunch and dinner, we focus on quality and the gastronomic experience.

Whether you are looking for typical, gourmet or even gastro cuisine to enjoy with colleagues, we have a privileged relationship with the most talented chefs in the capital. A relationship based on friendship and the love of good food, which we know how to appreciate at its true value.

Discover in pictures these dishes that will make you smile :

As far as parties are concerned, Lisbon has a very active nightlife. We invite you to read our report on nightlife in Lisbon. It is possible to privatise lounges in some clubs.

For your gala dinner in Lisbon, we recommend you to rent a private venue. A 17th century palace, an old convent, a giant flat, a museum, a rooftop, a catamaran for 150 people.

There is no shortage of charismatic event venues in Lisbon !

Fourth and final step: private transfers for your company event between the airport and Lisbon.

Even with medium-sized groups (15-25 people), it is essential to organise travel by mini-bus/private bus. The alternative of transport by taxi is certainly a saving of money but by no means a saving of time and efficiency.

In my experience, the programme can be completely disorganised if a taxi driver has dropped off part of the group in the wrong place.

At Monlisbonne, we have been working with the same provider since 2016 and they have never let us down. Great professionals who will take care of transporting you from the airport, between activities and meeting places.

Organised transfer from the airport to your hotel for your corporate seminar and team building event in Lisbon

Why work with us ?

As you will have understood, we want you to have a memorable event in Lisbon, without any equivalent. Based in the Portuguese capital since 2013, we are driven by the idea of sharing with you the love of this city through your seminar, your team-building. We are sure to have the answers to all your questions.

One wish makes us vibrate : that your trip adds another dimension.

It is not uncommon to hear from clients that they are counting on us to raise the level of their event even higher than previous ones.

Each time the challenge is taken up for a shared pleasure with the client.

Team building during a seminar in Lisbon with activities, complete organisation of the company event

The benefits of working with

  1. We are located in the heart of Lisbon, so we have the luxury of being with you every step of the event, from the first contact to the spot. We are a professional, responsive, English speaking and passionate team.
  2. Our prices are Portuguese style, that is to say fair. Our remuneration rate is the lowest on the market. We are your only intermediary and even the operator.
  3. Our core business is private tours of Lisbon. What's the benefit ? As guides, we are by nature very curious. And we are always on the lookout for new projects in this city, which is probably the most dynamic in Europe today. Our address book is constantly growing ! 
  4. With more than 5 years of experience, we have established very close connections with our partners. The trust is mutual and this is our guarantee of quality. Our customers feel this way of being welcomed with pleasure and sympathy.
  5. Our key word: flexibility ! Whether you are 10, 30 or 120, there is no such thing as a small corporate event. Each request is a new challenge for us to meet your expectations. Creating tailor-made games, maximising the interaction of your employees, inventing creative challenges, thanking good customers... These requests stimulate us !
  6. Last minute team-building ? No problem, our crisis unit is constantly on the lookout to create the perfect trip for your employees.

Contact us now to build the perfect event together !

To get to know us better, check out the VisitmyLisbon team page.

Hoping that we will have the chance to show you our Lisbon, we wish you a nice research on our website.

Elliot & Sylvain

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