Lisbon, the Europe's most gay-friendly city

is Lisbon LGBT friendly ? Read our Lisbon gay city guide !

Lisbon, land of desires for the gay community.

Portuguese society was very conservative in the last century and until the 1980s. Today, Lisbon is a liberal, tolerant city. In fact, Portugal is considered to be the country with the fewest homophobic attacks in Europe.

As for Lisbon, it is loved first and foremost for its beauty. But it is also a bustling city with a mild climate, art on every street corner and a rhythm that allows you to take your time. The LGBT community has a strong presence in the capital, making it a destination of choice for gay travellers from all over Europe.

Investors in a typical Lisbon house covered with tiles. There are many investment opportunities in Lisbon

Our passion at is to show you the most beautiful facets of Lisbon, its colors, its stories, its smiling grandmothers… If, like us, you are sensitive to BEAUTY, feel free to choose a private tour of Lisbon with us.

Lisbon gay area : Principe Real is the main gay district in town

Where is the gay district of Lisbon located ? Only one place : Principe Real. It is without any doubt the area where the city’s trendiest gay bars and discos are concentrated. In the Bairro Alto (a stone’s throw from Principe Real) you will find many gay-friendly establishments.

And so the two districts are closely linked for parties. You can start with a drink in the Bairro Alto and end up in the clubs of Principe Real.

Principe Real is also a very friendly place to live with its gardens, concept stores, art galleries, cafés and themed restaurants. On weekends, don’t miss the organic market, the only one in central Lisbon !

Garden of Principe Real, Lisbon's gay district
The magnificent garden of Principe Real and its jacarandas in bloom in May.

The Late Birds Lisbon : the best gay hotel in Lisbon

Located in Bairro Alto and at the gates of Principe Real, The Late Birds is an intimate hotel in Lisbon completely dedicated to gay guests. The original idea was to create an urban resort atmosphere in the heart of Lisbon. Housed in an old 18th-century building, The Late Birds Lisbon offers 16 comfortable, air-conditioned rooms, a beautiful garden and a UV-treated swimming pool.

Contemporary decoration, ancient flavours and Portuguese design create a warm, friendly atmosphere. The lounge and the garden are perfect places to organize birthdays, parties with friends and why not a gay wedding in Lisbon ?

Not convinced ? If you are looking for charming hotels in the gay area, check out our selection of accommodation in Lisbon.

The Late Birds Lisbon: the best gay hotel in Lisbon

Gay bars & LGBT clubs in Lisbon

In Lisbon, the gay/LGBT community meets at night mainly in the Bairro Alto and Principe Real districts. Some of the establishments are small and it is not uncommon to have drinks in the street, which adds to the excitement of the party. In this section, you will find a not negligible list of good gay & LGBT places that should make you happy !

Gay nightlife in Lisbon begins in the bars...

1- Bar 106

Bar 106 is a monument of the Lisbon gay scene, if not one of the pioneers. The establishment offers many entertaining, spectacular evenings and even thematic evenings such as Sunday massages. A great way to make friends, under the blessing of a more than friendly staff. 

Monday-Thursday : 21h-02h

Friday-Sunday : 21h-03h

Rua de São Marçal, 106

bar 106 is one of the first gay bars to open in the Principe Real district

2- Bar Cru, one of the best gay cruise places in Lisbon !

Bar Cru is a cruising bar in Lisbon for naturists and fetishists with an erotic cabaret. The more the hour goes by, the higher the temperature rises ! On Tuesdays and Sundays, full nudity is required. Undoubtedly the hottest gay bar in town.

Sunday-Thursdat : 17h-02h

Friday-Saturday : 17h-03h

Rua de São Marçal, 170

3- Drama Bar Lisbon

The Drama Bar is a dynamic and inclusive venue in Lisbon with a focus on cultural events. It is LGBTQ+ friendly, providing a space for the LGBTQ+ community

Tuesday to Thursday: 12:30 p.m. – 1 a.m.

Friday to Saturday: 12:30 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Sunday: 7:30 p.m. – 1 a.m.

Rua da Voz do Operario 60

bar inclusif LGBTQ + Lisbonne

4- Clube da Esquina

Clube da Esquina is a gay-friendly bar located in the heart of the streets frequented by Lisbon’s LGBT community. The friendly music, the quality of the DJs, the space but also the prices are all assets that attract a lot of gay revellers. At number 23, you will find Side Bar, another lively gay bar. DJ, l’espace mais également les prix pratiqués sont autant d’atouts qui attirent bon nombre de fêtards gays. Au numéro 23, vous trouverez Side Bar, un autre bar gay très animé.

Open every day : 17h-02h

Rua da Barroca, 30

Clube da Esquina is a gay-friendly bar in Lisbon located in the Bairro Alto

5- Espaço 40 e 1

Small gay-friendly bar in the lively Bairro Alto district. With good music and the right atmosphere, Espaço 40 e 1 is the perfect place to start a Lisbon night that promises to be epic.

Tuesday-Saturday : 2Oh-02h

Rua da Barroca 41

Espaço 40-e-1 is a gay-friendly bar located in the Bairro Alto district

6- Friends, the Lisbon gay coffee shop

Friends is a gay-friendly bar, mostly frequented by the LGBT community in Lisbon. Its concept differs from others because before becoming a nightlife hotspot in Lisbon where you can sip gin and tonic, Friends is by day a gay café where you can enjoy the books in its library. Service, atmosphere and music are impeccable.

Sunday-Wednesday : 18h-02h

Thursday-Saturday : 18h-03h

Travessa da Agua da Flor, 17

Friends is a gay cocktail bar located in the Bairro Alto district

7- Portas Largas

Portas Largas is yet another establishment in Bairro Alto where locals and tourists mix. With its large area, it is the perfect place to warm up the dancefloor, to warm yourself. The musical programme is very varied, ranging from funk to fado, live or with a DJ.

Open daily from 18h to 2h.

Rua da Atalaia, 105

8- Purex

Of all the Bairro Alto, Purex is the most famous gay-friendly bar. A must-see stop on any party night for the LGBT community. If there is little space to dance, it is always packed at the weekend. With its retro-chic design, the bar is a great place to party to the sound of electro music. Sometimes trans dancers are added to the show. If the audience is predominantly gay, you will meet a very heteroclite audience.

Sunday-Thursday : 22h-02h

Closed on Monday

Friday-Saturday : 22h-03h

Rua das Salgadeiras 28

Purex is one of the most popular gay-friendly bars for the LGBT community in Lisbon

9- Shelter

Shelter is a bar in Lisbon to be classified in the « Bear » category but it is open to all types of public. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere for this establishment which, like the Tr3s, offers an afternoon opening. It’s perfect to enjoy a homemade beer with friends and enjoy fur happy hours In Lisbon.

Sunday-Thursday : 18h-02h

Friday-Saturday : 18h-03h

Rua da Palmeira 43 A

Like Tr3s, Shelter is a gay bar in Lisbon that caters mainly to the "bears" community.

10- Tr3s

Tr3s has been named one of the 10 best bear bars in the world by Bear World Magazine ! Even if it is, the whole LGBT community can be found there as it is probably the most relaxed bar in the gay district of Principe Real. The special thing about this establishment is that it also opens in the afternoon (4pm) and it’s perfect for getting together with friends after a hard day’s work.

Sunday-Thursday : 16h-02h

Friday-Saturday : 16h-03h

Rua Ruben A. Leitão, 2

Tr3s is a gay bar for bears but welcomes the whole LGBT community in Lisbon

11- Damas Bar Lisbon

Damas Bar is a live music bar and restaurant in the heart of Lisbon’s Graça district. LGBTQ+ atmosphere and inclusion guaranteed!

Tuesday to Thursday: 12h30–01h

Friday to Saturday: 12h30-04h

Sunday: 19h30-01h

Rua da Voz do Operário 60

concert in Lisbon until late

12- Woof X, the other cruise place in Lisbon !

Cruising bar in Lisbon  exclusively reserved for gays, those who are fetishists or hardcore, daddies, bears… Famous for its « dark room », the Woof X offers a narrow space but which does not disturb the partygoers at all because here, we are looking for contact ! On Sunday and Monday, it’s Rock-On night !

Open daily 22h-4h

Rua Manuel Bernardes, 2B

Woof X is a gay erotic bar in Lisbon, as hot as Bar Cru

...for a happy ending in the clubs !

1- Construction Club

The Construction Club is a gay & hetero-friendly nightclub in Lisbon. It organizes the biggest parties in the capital with internationally renowned DJs (tech-house, house, electro). Reopened recently, it offers a modern, even futuristic environment. Big parties guaranteed !


2- Discoteca Mister Gay

If you are on the beaches of Costa da Caparica, on the south shore of Lisbon, the Mister Gay club is the place to have a saturday night fever ! Famous for its transformist shows, Mister Gay has just reopened and for the moment only offers Saturday nights.

Open from midnight to 6am on Saturdays only.

Azinhaga Urraca 3VL, Sobreda

3- Finalmente Club

The Finalmente is one of the oldest gay clubs in Lisbon. Open every day, it is constantly crowded with revellers from all over the world. In addition to the festive atmosphere, the entire LGBT community comes together to enjoy memorable drag shows and cross-dressing.

Every day from midnight to 6 a.m.

Rua da Palmeira 38

Finalmente club is the oldest LGBT nightclub in Lisbon

4- Posh Club

The Posh Club is inspired by the Posh of Beirut where Arabic, house, RnB and techno music is played. Recently opened, it attracts the entire LGBT community because of its fantastic stage performances. The audience, usually gay and transvestites, arrive in the evening with their straight friends. In Lisbon, people wiggle on the dance floor to the sound of pop, funk and techno music. 

Friday-Saturday : 00h-06h

Rua de São Bento, 157

Posh Club is a club with trans shows and is located in the Sao Bento district of Lisbon

5- Trumps

It is the most famous nightclub in the country and probably the biggest as well. Attracting a gay and lesbian crowd at the same time, Trumps offers 2 dance floors with 2 different atmospheres. The first with house/dance, the second with pop music and classics from the gay culture (Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga). There is also a quiet area to chat.

Thursday-Saturday : 00h-06h

Rua da Imprensa Nacional, 104B

Trumps is the biggest gay nightclub in Lisbon and Portugal

Lisbon gay pride in 2024 ?

Lisbon’s « march of pride » takes place every year at the end of June. Called « Arraial Lisboa Pride » by ILGA, it is part of the programme of the June popular festivities organised in Lisbon. Every year more than 60,000 people come together to defend the LGBT movement in Portugal and around the world. In the afternoon, a parade is organised before it all ends in Commerce square for a great party with a dozen free concerts. It will take place on Sunday June 23, 2024.

Lisbon's gay pride is called Arraial Lisboa Pride and takes place in June

Lisboa gay bathhouses

Curiously enough, Lisbon was in ancient times a spa town where people used to enjoy bathing in the Alfama public baths. In Lisbon, the best saunas are gay even if some are hetero-friendly like the saunapolo56. In addition to the sauna, these places offer massage & hair removal, cinema, a bar and much more.

1- Olissipo Bath

Olissipo Bath is Lisbon’s newest gay sauna. It offers a modern men’s spa on the Avenida da Liberdade side. Facilities include a sauna, a huge Jacuzzi and a Turkish bath. There is also a massage parlour and private cabins. A bar with lounge offers the perfect space to socialise after your sauna session.

Open every day from 12h to 02h.

Rua do Telhal 5

Olissipo bath is a luxurious gay sauna in Lisbon

2- SaunApolo56

SaunApolo 56 is a mixed sauna swingers, unique in its concept all in a luxurious atmosphere. This establishment is dedicated exclusively to the relaxation and pleasure of its guests. SauApolo56 offers massages, a glory holes room, a XXX cinema room, collective showers, a sling, a dark room, spa treatments as well as a bar with a buffet area for refreshments. The space can be rented for parties (stag party, film shoots) and regularly organises mask and fetish parties, but not only that !

Open daily between 14h & 04h

Rua Luciano Cordeiro 56A

SaunApolo 56 is a gay sauna in Lisbon

3- Trombeta Bath

Trombeta is one of Lisbon’s best-known gay saunas. If you want to relax after work (or a long day of sightseeing) or early in the morning after a crazy night, Trombeta is the perfect place. It is also a popular place for cruising on Sunday afternoons. Admission at €16 includes a towel, flip-flops, a locker, condoms and lubricant. The establishment is bright, modern and clean. In addition to the sauna and hammam, you have at your disposal relaxation cabins and a lively dark room.

Monday-Thursday : 12h-06h

Friday-Monday : 12h-06h NON STOP

Rua do Trombeta, 1C

Trombeta bath is a gay sauna in Lisbon

Praia 19 : Lisbon's gay beach.

Situated on the south shore of Lisbon, the beaches of Costa da Caparica are undoubtedly the most beautiful in the region. The sand is fine, urbanisation almost non-existent, beach clubs every 500 metres…in short, it is a perfect environment for holidays.

Praia 19 will undoubtedly be your place of choice. Located near the 19 stop of the little beach train, it is legally naturist and it is the only one in the area so enjoy… in Adam’s outfit!

If you want to know more about our favourite beaches, we advise you to have a look at our special report « Lisbon’s beaches »!

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